Monday, May 30, 2011

Emergency Call - Cover Me

"Where are you?" This is the first thing I heard when I answered my phone, knowing it was my daughter by the caller ID. "Are you at the house or the neighbor's?" she asked, her voice expressing the panic I could tell she was feeling. "We're home, where are you?" I asked.

"In The Driveway!"

Driveway?? What could possibly be wrong, I wondered.

"I need you to unlock the door, NOW"

"Ok, no problem but why??????" I asked.

"There are cicadas EVERYWHERE and I can't get in the house!"

LOL, LOL and double LOL. Yes, this is my daughter. I sent the 6 year old to fend off the cicadas so mommy could get in the house! See, I told you all she "freaks out" over everything.

Listen to the two videos- they are about 10 seconds long. It's the cicadas and this goes on all day, in fact the chirping/buzzing starts to become a droning, very similar to a space ship in a bad sci-fi movie. They are basically harmless, unless you are a young sapling. (You can hear the rooster crowing in one of the videos, it's not a cicada!)

This is Taylor braving the big, bad bugs! She got a kick out of squeezing their wings to make them chirp. No fear here!

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Onto the next thing that frightens Mom. Oh no! Yesterday's heat caused the butterfly weed to bloom and now there are BUTTERFLIES everywhere!!!! Can you see the teeth? No? Well neither can anyone else!!

I don't know if the flowers cause the butterflies to turn the same orange color as the flowers or if the flowers simply attract these similarly colored butterflies. Either way, these docile butterflies will actually sit on your finger as they sip the sweet nectar.

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I helped everyone out to the car, just in case a rogue cicada decided to dive bomb my daughter. She also survived the dried lizard, although not with much dignity. They will go back to their apartment now and be safe from country critters for the next week or two. Since Taylor is now a KINDERGARTEN GRADUATE she won't have school everyday so if my husband doesn't happen to be working for a few days (construction, you know) we'll bring her out here and she can hang with him helping to make some potato growing bins or perhaps help him power wash the shady sides of the house. Then they can pick some strawberries or perhaps he'll train her in the fine art of BBQ!

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Manny said...

LOL. The begining seemed like you were heading toward a serious event. It is an erie sound.