Friday, October 23, 2015

Carry All

This carry-all for the tractor is one of my husband's latest
projects that has proven very handy lately as he moves
wood around and transports heavier objects from place to place.

He started with this King Kutter carry all frame, 
click on the link for more info.

He added the back and base

plus side rails

He is pretty insistent that I ride in the back
up and down our road waving to my subjects neighbors
along the way.  I am still very much under the weather
so I opted out, but Taylor didn't!
My granddaughter had a lot of laughs as Pops 
slowly drove her down the gravel road.

Health Update-
I'm still not out of the woods with complications
from my recent bout of diverticulitis.  I manage to get
to work and back but that's about all.  Then I crash 
in my recliner until I can go to bed.  I've hardly been 
on Blogger even to read your posts.
It's improving so hopefully I'll be up and running soon.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh Nuts!

Oh Nuts about describes it.
I've been missing a few days due to a bad bout of 
diverticulitis that had me pretty much bed ridden
for a few days and in a lot of pain.  The colitis complicates
it so my vacation plans have changed.  I'll be doing 
a lot more indoor activities, and they won't be pleasant.

Just before all this I walked up the tree line of our property
to where I knew the buckeyes grow.  We have two up there
and one always has nice blooms so I figured there would be nuts.

I found one right away buried in the leaves and then
another still in it's outer shell.  

We also have hickory nuts, this one with its outer shell off,

and an assortment of acorns, this being a pretty dark one.  

The buckeye is supposed to be lucky and if you find one you
should put it in your pocket.  I'm hoping these are extra lucky!  

I'll be catching up on your blogs soon!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Into the Belly of the Beast

Well here you have it, Gone.
Not Gone with the Wind,
Not Good as Gone
More like 

Lost and Gone Forever
into the
Belly of the Beast

(yes, think of the tune to O My Darling Clementine)

The night before I had a lush crop of bush and pole beans,
green and thickly sprinkled with tiny baby bean pods to 
a few overlooked giant pods too tough to eat but good for seed.

It was dark when I left for work Friday morning so 
I didn't notice anything amiss; however, when I rounded the 
corner to the side garden I could only stand there stunned.

What Happened?

 I told you all that the deer were scoping out my beans.
So where did they go?

Into the Belly of the Beast.