Sunday, June 30, 2013

What Laws of Sweden?- Bloglovin

This is what I am referring to.

WHAT Swedish law?  What happens if I inadvertently violate the laws of Sweeden?
Will blue eyed blonde haired agents appear at my door to haul me off to Sweeden?
   (Hmmm, that may not be so bad...  LOL)
What if I say something, or some troll comments on something that the Swedish nation believes is improper but is perfectly legal in the US?
 It says I have to submit to the district court of Stockholm?

I  don't think I'm going to agree to this.  Maybe I'm just a bit too cautious.  Facebook may say similar things in their agreements, but that is US law.  Now, I'm not very political on the blog, I don't put down other races or comment negatively about any other discriminatory issue (other than people need to be NICE and don't commit criminal acts).  Regardless, if there is miscommunication, I have neither the time nor money to fight in Sweedish court.  

Users who have claimed their blog

Users who have claimed their blog(s) have the possibility to create user generated information on bloglovin´ and he/she has to follow stricter rules.
Users are not allowed to publish information that in any way goes against bloglovin’s rules, this agreement or Swedish law.. . .
Users aren’t allowed to use bloglovin´ for illegal activities or for distribution of material that is illegal or that can be experienced as offensive such as racial discrimination, bullying etc.
bloglovin´ has the right to, when suspecting that a User has violated this agreement or Swedish Law to without warning, partly or fully, remove and/or send the information that violates this agreement or Swedish law to a third person.

They can also use you for direct marketing:
The User here by approves that the personal information he/she leaves by using bloglovin´ can be used for directed marketing to the User through present and future digital distribution channels, and to take out statistics on bloglovin´s users.

he Terms, and your relationship with bloglovin´ under the Terms, shall be governed by Swedish law. You and bloglovin´ agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Stockholm to resolve any legal matter arising from the Terms. Notwithstanding this, you agree that bloglovin´ shall still be allowed to apply for injunctive remedies (or an equivalent type of urgent legal relief) in any jurisdiction.

So, for the record Bloglovin- I am NOT claiming my blog and I don't want to continue with the signup in Facebook.  Sorry.  I hear you can still read my blog if you want but with all the strange things going on in the world today, I don't need to add Sweedish court onto them.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Rub A Dub Dub, Chives in a Tub

Are we washing our chives?
No, while cleanliness is next to godliness, 
we don't pre-wash our garden herbs-
while they are growing.

 My husband salvaged this old washer from a job site,
it used to have a sticker that said Dreadnought
and an image of the ship; however, over the years
it has worn off.  I still love the color and
the beautiful design on the legs.

It has been trapped by the flower garden wall
behind our camper until this weekend when my
husband moved it with our neighbor's tractor
so now we have it on the courtyard where it belongs.
 I'll have to do a bit of thinning and make sure
it gets plenty of water, it has been shaded for awhile.
 Then to find the perfect place, it will be nice to
have it back out in the open.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Into the Coop They Go

  Into the coop they go,
out of their brooder and into a box
 (clucking, flapping, squaking)
and down to live with the big guys.
Oh My!  What is this?

They have a separate area,  
partitioned off with chicken wire 
 in order to have a safe meet and greet,
getting to know each other a bit.

They have their own separate window that looks
up towards the house. That way we can call down to them and
they can get a good look at the goings on ,
the cats, the small side garden and various critters
that wander by.  They are not allowed in the yard yet.

The blind cross beaked chick is still in the house
along with the new batch that thinks she/he's their mom.
He really hasn't grown very much although he has more feathers.
I am thinking the new chicks will outgrown him and I'll have to
keep hatching at least two more at a time to keep him
company until he grows up.  If he never grows up
I guess I'll have to get a giant parrot cage and keep him
in the house forever!   

A side note:
 Something seems to be wrong with Facebook
if you read this there.  I can't log in because it is
stuck on my husband's account and he can't log out.
It doesn't even go to his Timeline, just to security settings
which don't work if you try to end the session.

Monday, June 24, 2013

No Romance for Squash Bugs

 My squash is getting huge!
To combat the squash bugs, which have already made an appearance,
we discovered weaving them around the cattle panels tended to
reduce the number of squash bugs plus the eggs laid  beneath the leaves.
In fact, it makes it even easier to see underneath them 
when they are growing upright.
I was standing up as I took this photo.

I still keep my trusty duct tape to remove the eggs
although it sometimes damages the leaves but 
much less than allowing the eggs to become nymphs.
These leaves are enormous!

I have several squash varieties growing as well
as some marigolds, volunteer eggplant and
the remaining cabbage and collards.  The lettuce
has pretty much bolted except for some romaine
that was buried beneath the squash leaves.

 The larger garden has some ground level squash
as well as some which will be trained to the panels.
I'm very interested to see where I find more bugs.
When I disturbed the soil in the large garden, 
where the squash bugs flourished, I found some
mating and promptly put an end to that!

   No romance for squash bugs here!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Help Google Reader- What Choice Do I Make?

I have been reading about the elimination of Google Reader and everyone's search for a new blog reading tool.  I have never used Google Reader but added the blogs I like to my sidebar; however, there are getting to be quite a few of them.

 I hear Bloglovin  is the reader of choice for many but I'm a little  hesitant to sign up.  The rules say I can't violate any laws of Scandinavia???  I don't have a clue of what those laws are.  Should I sign up?

Also I am on Facebook through Networked Blogs

If you can tell me more about Bloglovin I'll check on that too.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet the New Guys-

 It was a happy birthday, for all six of us--
Five new hatchlings and one old me.
  I've moved little cross beaked chick in with the babes,
he's a better fit on size and they seem to like
his company--after an initial peck or two.

The five are settling in quite nicely
immediately pecking and scratching in their
new brooder. I noticed that the one  very similar
in coloring to the older chick that mysteriously died
is also not as active as the chicks that appear to be
full buff orpingtons.  Maybe whatever cross
this is isn't as strong?  Time will tell.

You can see the size difference between cross beaked
and the new chicks, a similar size difference exists
between cross beaked and the older hatchlings.

He is able to peck and eat the dry crumbles now, I think.
It was not working out with the mash since he got bigger
and would overshoot the dish (as he is blind).  It was
getting to be an hour operation to get food in his beak.
Right now he is in a smaller tub that has deep crumbles
and is happily pecking and hopefully getting some in  his
tummy!   What a wonderful thing- I may have time for coffee again.

  I've not posted or read much lately, too much work between
chicks and garden plus the deep dive cleaning we just did.
We have company this weekend too so it will be busy!
 I've a couple more eggs in the incubator but no signs
they will hatch but if so I'll be posting more birth announcements!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday- to US!! The Birthday Chicks

 Happy Birthday little one,
we're a couple of birthday chicks today!

Today I awoke to peep, peep, peep and a broken egg shell.
 I opened the incubator and this is what I found!
What fun that it was born on my birthday,
we can celebrate together.

It can hear the other chicks and tries to peep back.
This will be perfect for my little cross beaked chick.
He doesn't seem to be getting any bigger but the others 
are ready to go out to the coop, now he'll have 
a little  buddy to keep him company.

I don't know if more will hatch.  We had another
power outage just like the last time.  We noticed
it may have delayed hatch time a little so we'll
give it a few more days.

I hope the rest of the day holds as many wonderful surprises.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Little Chick Tummy Bulge Help

 I need help with a chicken question.
This is the tummy of my Special Needs chick,
the one eyed, blind, cross beaked chicken I
brought home from a farm supply store.
You can see there are two distinct bulges
and an obvious lack of feathers.
 I had to wash him/her off since it gets dirty eating.
  I have to feed it a wet mash
due to it's crossed beak plus it's blind and 
misses everything several times.

Here is another view as I had him perch on a chair edge.

The condition seems to be worsening.
I can see it's tongue all the time now.
I think it may be drinking by itself  at times
but I do tend to take it aside  just to make sure
but I'm not always around.
You can see how crossed the beak is
plus it's missing an eye completely
and the other one can't see, 
or  can't see much.
As he has grown the one eye keeps getting
 more bulged too, the other birds try to pick at it.

Any suggestions on the condition?
When it eats it chirps the entire time in 
a happy sort of way.
It's trying to "fly" when I have him balanced
on my arm or in my hand.  I don't think the 
flying thing will work out so well since it can't see.

I may have to learn how to clip its beak too.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday - Dumpster Days

 Happy Birthday Kathy-
June 19, in just 6 days I'll be even more ancient.
Guess what my husband got me --
a dumpster.  

There's a theme here.
He's SO kind and considerate.
At the old place he gave me a set of THREE trash cans
really big ones-   matching  too,
and they had wheels 
to make it easier for ME to take the trash to the curb.
Wow, what a guy.

He's not being original this year,
we had a dumpster once before at the old place
before we moved.  A whole house cleaning
after accumulating 20 years of stuff.

 These are  all non recyclables and some of his 
construction trash that is not usable- old drywall and the like,
 an old ping pong table that is no good,
     broken toys,  really just crap that has been 
stored in the house since the kids left.


There is one thing that is staying.
He salvaged an old drainboard sink, 
just like the one we salvaged for our kitchen.
This one will go into a potting shed eventually.
  That's the real prize!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Llama Fiber for Spinning

I AM going to do it this time.
I will not fail. No matter how long it takes!
 I  responded to a Craig's List posting for llama fiber
not more than 5 minutes from my house, 
somewhere I pass all the time.

  I saw the posting early in the morning and e-mailed my reply
indicating if she did not have a buyer, I would be interested.
I got an email reply right away and she sounds like my 
kind of person!  As it turns out she runs the rescue center
up the road and it was shearing time.  Whoever had
indicated they wanted the fiber never got back to her 
so it was up for grabs.  As we talked on the phone, 
and found we have very similar opinions on things,
she told me the fiber was mine for the asking.
She just wanted someone to have it that would actually
try to do something with it.
And I will.

I  was working from home so I was on the clock, 
unable to run out and pick it up before she was leaving;
however, my husband returned just in time for me to send him
and again, literally 5 minutes away!
I had NO IDEA it would be this much.
I am thrilled.
If I can make this work, I'll make her a scarf!

This is my spinning wheel.
Hopefully it will be spinning it's little heart out
after I've finished cleaning and carding the fiber.

As it turns out I found where the owner of the center went to school-
William Woods College (now University)  in Fulton, MO.
That's my school too!!! We're both Woodsies.
It has an amazing equestrian science program.
Small world!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

April & May Showers Bring June Flowers

It has come down in buckets
the entire property looks as if we live in 
a rain forest and judging by the bugs, we must.
While the vegetable garden is suffering, 
the garden flowers are thriving.
At least those that are not being devoured by worms.
 I'll identify the plant below each photo.

Red Hot Poker Plants in early bloom,
soon to be festooned in brilliant oranges
and yellow.

Please send more lady bugs!
And something to eat all these worms.
The birds are not even bothering with the feeders
too much crawling protein to bother with seed.
Soon to be purple cone flowers.

These wild daisy (??) flowers are in bloom everywhere
joining the wild columbine, bee balm and lambs ear.

The honeysuckle will take your breath away.
As soon as you open the door you can smell the aroma everywhere.

This is the pretty side of our wet Spring.
The other side is the rivers of mud,
the flooding and another power outage as we 
battled Friday's storms (St Louis) plus
the cabbage worms that have now joined
in the leaf eating frenzy.

We may have lost another batch of eggs during 
the power outage.  I had been working the church 
rummage sale and got caught in the pavilion
straightening up the clothing displays as the
fast moving storms arrived.  When it let up
I sprang for the church hall which was fortunate
as a flaming ball of lightning hit the middle of 
the church parking lot shortly thereafter.
Needless to say, sales were light.
We lost power Friday night as we were a week into
incubation so we'll see what happens.