Sunday, May 30, 2021



I loved Huckleberry Hound when I was a kid, I even have a stuffed Mrs Huckleberry Hound doll up in the attic.  So, when I saw Baker Creek had them, I had to try.

These are the garden huckleberries, they will grow like a pepper but get a few feet high, 1 to 3, with berries. When the berries are dark and ready to pick I plan to try either a pie or jam.  

I hear it is good.  I will keep my fingers crossed! 


Wednesday, May 26, 2021



I love our GreenStalks! These are amazing, versatile, convenient and a great conversation starter.  They are made by a family business and have become the hit of the garden circles.

Self watering from the top, there is a drip system that keeps your plants moist after filling the top tray.  Each layer has an internal tray that fills into the pocket below.  We ordered the caster system so we can move them, even into the garage during an unexpected cold snap.

Look at the results! We are still filling in with flowers, herbs and vegetables.  And I still have my other gardens.  This allows even the apartment or condo owner access to fresh grown food at their fingertips

Saturday, May 22, 2021

A Saturday of my Own

 I have a Saturday to do anything I want, which in this case is sipping coffee on the top porch as I listen to the early birds trying to get those worms.  

After that I will slip on my garden shoes, grab my gear and plant the huckleberries I started from seed earlier this year.  I have never grown them but they are suppose to be similar to peppers and make delicious pie.

I have some reading material to catch up on or crossword puzzels to fill in. 

My husband is going to pick up the new lawn tractor as ours had a mishap with some sort of internal part shooting its way through the deck above the blades, creating a giant hole.  If you need a tractor you better start looking, most here are out of stock and not expecting them until September.

I have been watching my new two favorite garden YouTube vloggers, Roots and Refuge Farms and Whispering Willow Farms.  If you have time take a look.  They are teaching us their garden methods but learning along with us at the same time.  I truly enjoy them.