Monday, December 31, 2012

Trains, Lakes and Catching Flakes

It decided to snow this morning- again.
What a time too, New Year's Eve.
When my daughter has to work until late in the night.
We decided to brave the roads and get Taylor
so she'd be safe and warm at our place.

This is our road, 
not a chance without four wheel drive.
They don't plow or salt here, 
perhaps a cinder or two somewhere along the line
and only on the county road at the bottom of the ridge.
We generally plow ourselves
but it has to be about 2 inches deep before the plow is effective.
Salt obviously had no impact.
This is making our way down the ridge top.

As we neared town the roads became much better.
This is US Silica where we often have to stop
when they shut down the road to bring train across.
You saw this in the first photo.
Most times it is only a car or two, 
sometimes part of a train.
Sometimes there is a 10 minute wait
when a larger train gets into position. 

After making it to Eureka,
and towing my daughter's car to the top of the hill
so she could get out, we made our way back home.
Back to the tire tracks in the snow.
Past our subdivision's semi frozen lake
at the bottom of the ridge.

Even four wheel drive struggled to get up the hill.
Now even you can't make it back down.
My  husband went to plow as best he can.
Our neighbors are stuck in in the middle of the turn
on the way down the hill.
In a Jeep (???)
My husband went to see if he can help
and they just now managed to get out. 

In the meantime, 
Taylor is trying her best to eat every flake that falls.
Saves us from plowing it.

Stay safe tonight.
Stay off the roads if possible.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hot Pink and Scrappy

Hot Pink and Scrappy

Is it a Mug Rug?
Is it a Mouse Pad?
Who Cares?  It's Hot Pink and Scrappy.

Today is the ONLY day since Dec 21 that we have not had holiday company.  The hubby is out chopping and splitting wood and I HAD to get my Block of the Month completed before Wednesday- 2 blocks this month- and I hadn't started.

We attended church last night so this morning was delightfully leisurely. 
I drank coffee.
And more coffee.
And had eggs and waffles 
as I read the blogs.
I found this- 
And I happen to have scraps, believe it or not.

I cut and sewed my two blocks.
Then pulled out hot pink
and flowers
and buttons.

Now, I have a mouse pad
a breakfast bar sized mug rug.
Either way- 
it works.

And I'll have my Hot Pink for January!


I Cannot See The Linky Tool on Any Blogs

I don't see the Linky Tool for any Blogs.
Does anyone else?

Even the ones in the past have disappeared.

Any ideas?

Prayers Needed- Dot's Prayer Chain... Let's Get it Going

Hi Everyone- 

It you could keep Dolly, Dot and family in your prayers-  please read below:

Hibiscus House
My Simple Country Living 

Hello friends and fellow bloggers. I am writing this post to ask for your help in establishing a prayer chain.  

One of my favorite farmgirl bloggers- Dolly of the Hibiscus House blogs posted about her dear Mother Dot's ongoing illness yesterday as follows:

"Some of you know that our family has been dealing with a very bad situation. My mama has been very sick for the past three months. She is such a strong person with such determination. I don't think that I personally could have handled what she has had to and continues to go through in fighting this illness. I am so proud of her and thank God everyday for her. I know it is in his hands and that faith is what gets the family through this. I love her so much! She has taken care of everybody in our neighborhood our entire life, the neighborhood children who are now in their fifties and now their children and grandchildren know and love Ms. Dot. She is one of a kind and that is a good thing. You probably may have seen some of her recipes on the cooking blog. She smiles when I tell her of the compliments she receives from her fact some of mine indeed came from her, my grandmothers and great grandmothers... handed down for generations... That is what it is all about isn't it?

I would love prayer for mama. It would mean so very much."

There is power in prayer. I have felt it before myself.  

Dolly is dear to me and to many of you that enjoy her wonderful trio of blogs, and her Mama "Dot" is the anchor of her entire family.  Please join me in sending prayers to Dot, Dolly, and their entire family

I have a few ideas for how we can send our support via thoughts and prayers to Dot-  

First and foremost, prayers.

Then, to get this prayer chain going I encourage you to cut n' paste this prayer chain post and add it to your blog to share with the rest of the blogmom community.  BlogMoms can move mountains when we work together.

We can also go to Dolly's original blog post HERE and leave comforting thoughts, verses, and prayers there.

And- we can share this prayer chain with our Facebook friends and on any other social media we use.  

If you have any additional ideas for how we can share this prayer chain with others, please share below.  

Join me in prayer for Dot if you are able and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. 


Friday, December 28, 2012

It's All About the Wood

Winter has decided to visit this year, 
we don't have the mild conditions that we did last season
so it was time to prepare.

It's all about the wood.
Taylor, Queen of Mulch,
surveys the area from atop the pile.

We were fortunate enough to run into the highway 
tree trimmers who liked nothing better
than to deposit trimmings at our place
rather than drive miles and miles to the
appointed drop off place.
This was almost two years ago and we let it sit
and break down until it would be ready to use
in the garden.  You can see how the top is rough still. 

Underneath, it is breaking down nicely and will be used
in the beds this season along with some of the 
compost pile.
Free and no work.

Not that there isn't work to be done.
Tom's now able to get back to wood cutting, 
something I'm concerned about with his being on 
warfarin; however, he doesn't seem to have any
problems so we're good to cut.
A bit behind though.

The woodpile was getting pretty low.
This weekend he will be splitting what is too large
to simply cut.

We've had a fire in the wood burner since Mom arrived,
keeping the living room temperatures around 72.
 It's a bit more comfortable while we had holiday visitors 
who are not used to our normal 65!

Hope your holiday is happy, safe and warm!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Was Discovered

I had no idea that anyone knew.
I thought I could get away with it.
But I was discovered!

I was trying to make some changes to the blog settings,
but didn't want to risk deleting my blog.
So I created a "fake" one to experiment with.

Guess what!
I forgot it would show up on my blogger profile.
Was I surprised to get an email asking if it was a new blog.

So, now it is.
Just once in awhile.
You can find it here.
Cats, Quilts and Wild Woodland Things.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Girl Wears a Hanger

The Girl Wears a Hanger
Christmas Eve at Grandma & Pop's

Taylor plopped on her new hat, hanger and all.
I had to make a comment-
I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it!
 in reference to the classic Carol Burnett parody of 
Gone With the Wind.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at our place, 
gathering to open presents before
everyone made their secondary trips
on Christmas Day.

The Girl with the Secret
Her first diary- and a set of keys to guard it.
 Judging by her expression, there must be a lot to tell!

The Girl in the Mirror
Santa didn't forget to leave a few items for the make up table.
It's still in the basement awaiting a couple of strong guys
to carry it up a couple of flights.
Taylor didn't waste any time checking it out though.

Barbie and Friends
Great Grandma Ann gave Barbies

Girls Got Game
Pops and Grandma Kathy, along with Santa,
supplied the pink pool cue.

Becky's favorite birds- owls.
So I made her some pillows.
The front is pieced with owls in the middle,
the back is a full piece of the owl fabric.

Fashion Bugs
Daughter, Becky, and her new scarf from Nana Ann.
Becky gave Nana Ann a scarf.
I gave both of them scarves with jewelry pieces that
can be moved from scarf to scarf!
How funny.

The Reader
Pops is loaded down with books!

Sad Good Byes
Brother in Law, Dan, and wife, Gina.
Setting sail for Florida soon-
They are moving onto a boat,
a very, very big boat! 

Papa Brings Barbies
More Barbies for Taylor!

Christmas Eve
We had lots to eat,
drinks to drink,
pool to shoot,
and some great music.

It was on to church Christmas Day.

Hoping your holiday was wonderful.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Oh no, snow!
A white Christmas sure is pretty, 
but not to travel in.

We've got a system coming in Christmas Day
and then another Friday/Saturday.
Mom's here visiting and needs to return
right through the thick of it.

She may be here longer than she thinks
if things don't change.

I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas.
For those of you who will be getting snow-
I hope you will be able to stay  home, safe and sound.
For the kiddies, of all ages, 
Break Out the Sleds!  

Merry Christmas.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Special Ornaments- The Wild Side

A Christmas armadillo, 
what else would you expect to see on my tree?
Doesn't everyone have one?

Or perhaps Three French Hens

Or a pretty little bird?
This Hallmark ornament was one of our very first.

Two chicks for the price of one?

Gives us something to crow about!

A little white bird nestled in the branches.

And our raccoon and quail friends.

And Santa visiting a colorful chick.

The Wild Side to my tree!
Just a glimpse of my tree.
Part 2

Part 1 here.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Special Ornaments

Christmas ornaments-
some old, some new,
some torn and ragged,
that's my tree.

It's the same tree we've had since we got married,
holding memories through the decades
and creating new memories for the future.

This pretty fabric pine cone was made by my co-worker, 
who would have thought grey would be so pretty on the tree!

A a trio of crochet angel spreads their wings, 
sent by my grandmother years ago.

Handmade animals showing their age.

A vintage clip on golden, plastic bird 
has adorned the tree for years and years

Always the children's favorite,
squeeze his mouth and find 
the chocolate (kiss) treasure inside.

A crowned clothes pin ornament, 
sequence missing and showing it's age.

This is actually an ornament I made as a child.
It's maybe 40 years old,
and a bit squashed!
Still, it hangs on my tree.

A pretty pony

A battle scarred soldier.

Yes, I have some lovely, newer ornaments
but I wanted to share some of my memories
with you all so this was

Just a glimpse of my tree.
Part 1
What's on your tree?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowmen and Wonky Santa Runner

I finally got the binding on my table runner- 
Just in Time too!
This is a pattern where you can make two place mats
(remove the center)
or add another strip between the two mats
(omit the spotted fabric)
and you have the "regular" table runner.

I needed it a bit longer so I selected this spotty material
and quilted it with wavy lines between the rows.

You can imagine this portion being one place mat.

I think my Wonky Santa will look nice in the  middle!
(excuse the tape that is securing the top for now)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Port on the Isle of Unwanted Things -

The Christmas season in the office is typically
filled with little holiday happenings.
Company/Departmental gifts,
and the obligatory Secret Santa
or co-worker gift exchange.
Not that it isn't nice, 
it's just that there is nothing I can possibly give
 for a dollar or two
that anyone truly wants or needs.
Except this year.

The people in our particular department have been blessed:
a good job, a warm house, food on the table.
But many in our communities are not so lucky.
So this year
my gift to them is actually a gift to those
less fortunate in my town.

I had my husband accompany me to
The Agape House in Pacific, MO.
This is a resale shop connected to a food pantry.
All proceeds from the shop go to maintaining the
food pantry for those less fortunate.
All workers are volunteers.

There is nothing to crow about here.
Just another port on the Isle of Unwanted Things.
I am hoping these will
translate into food, clothing or
to keep the electric on
for those that have lost their jobs,
are under employed, sick or 
otherwise unable to support their families.

What Did I Select?
The wonky Santa cookie jar - $4 to grace my kitchen.
He really fits together well, the tops are taped to prevent breakage
so they may appear out of alignment in the photos.
A vintage mirrored tray will sit atop Taylor's dressing table.
A crock may hold wrapped candies.
These are all staying at my place.

For my Co-Workers
There were planters with bold colors,
never used Mikasa crystal candle holders
that would be darling sprinkled
about the table or on the mantle. 
A tiny crystal Christmas tree that can be filled
with the joy of your choosing.

Cookie jars and a ceramic watering pitcher
that I added a couple of seed packages in. 
There as also a crafty holiday banner that 
might be perfect for decorating
a cubicle.

Little plates as little fillers.

I will add a note of explanation to their cards
with an "Open First" warning on the envelope.
I added a sprinkling of holiday candies
just to liven it up.

While my coworkers may not want or need these items 
I wanted to put my very limited funds into
rejected treasures that help to feed my community.
If they don't want to keep their "gifts"
they can return them to me and I will re-donate.
Or perhaps auction them off and send the proceeds 
to the food pantry.

The Boutique is open to the public, operated by volunteers and stocked with donations of shoes, clothing, household items, knic knacs, dishes, stoves and refrigerators on occasion  televisions, electronics, and furniture, along with numerous other items.  Proceeds from the shop support daily operating expenses, financial assistance to our qualified clients and purchase food supplies for our pantry.

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