Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Freezing Eggs in Trays

Eggs here
Eggs there
Eggs, eggs everywhere!

For one reason or another, 
nothing that we can explain, 
the chickens are in overdrive mode right now.
Molting and laying like there's no tomorrow.

My husband wants to start selling eggs, 
which might be a good idea if it wasn't going into winter.
Normally we won't have many eggs when it gets colder 
I remembered seeing how to freeze eggs here.

He washed them and he cracked them open
(no easy task with these rock hard Buff shells!)
filled a 4 cup measuring cup
added some salt and whipped them up a bit in the KitchenAid.
( 2 tsp for every 4 cups)
Then he poured them into ice trays.
(whites and yolks together)

They are completely frozen but a little tacky to the touch.
I'll put them in double layered freezer bags
and break out what I need.
I understand 2 cubes equal one whole egg.

It can be a little tricky getting them out of the trays.
Just put a little warm water on the back side of the tray, 
give it a minute or so and then twist the tray, 
like you would for regular ice.
Turn the tray upside down on top of a cookie sheet.
Most cubes will fall out and if not, 
a little nudge with a knife will help pop them right out.

I hope this works out well because I have eggs for breakfast daily.
Then we always have some on hand when the chicks take a break.

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Sunnybrook Farm said...

I wonder if you can freeze them in the shell and just crack the shell off and put them in bags? Could blow open or something though.

Carolyn said...

You know, if I actually had some freezer space, that would be a GREAT idea! Oh, and I'd need my chickens to actually LAY eggs. Let us know how they taste once you thaw 'em & cook 'em :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I have head that the egg expands in the freezer and the shell breaks before the egg inside is frozen but what the heck, put one in a plastic bag and find out what happens. The worst case scenario is that it oozes out into the bag.

Raewyn said...

Wow - I never thought of freezing eggs!! One year we had so many stored up they took over the fridges - and that was with giving them away too!

LindaG said...

Looking forward to hearing how it works for you!

Michelle said...

Kathy please let me know how this works out. I an really interested in trying it.

Candy C. said...

I want to know how it works too!!
Selling eggs in the winter isn't such a bad idea if you have enough, people are desperate for eggs here in the winter. ;)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I've never tried this, but I bet it would come in handy during their dry spells! Hope it works out well!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

This is a better way to freeze them than one I had seen a few months ago where they also used salt but kept them in a freezer bag. But I think they froze them that way because they had eggs for breakfast all the time.