Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowmen and Wonky Santa Runner

I finally got the binding on my table runner- 
Just in Time too!
This is a pattern where you can make two place mats
(remove the center)
or add another strip between the two mats
(omit the spotted fabric)
and you have the "regular" table runner.

I needed it a bit longer so I selected this spotty material
and quilted it with wavy lines between the rows.

You can imagine this portion being one place mat.

I think my Wonky Santa will look nice in the  middle!
(excuse the tape that is securing the top for now)


Lisa said...

Another beautiful quilt project! What a pro you are!


LindaG said...

I think it will be great! You did a wonderful job! :o)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

That is so cute!

I may have to come up with something cute too!
Love your little Santa...I'm a collector of Snowmen.
I can't wait to have a whole YEAR to sew for Christmas...getting my machine running so close to Christmas has been fun...but harried, and a little bit rushed. I didn't sew mine together...I just laid them in a row. But now that the machine is running...I may sew them all together... Your's is very cheerful.
Enjoy! and Merry Christmas...Pat

Carolyn said...

Very Funky-Festive! :)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

How cute! All the fabrics go really well together. Great job!

Candy C. said...

It turned out great!! :)