Friday, October 23, 2015

Carry All

This carry-all for the tractor is one of my husband's latest
projects that has proven very handy lately as he moves
wood around and transports heavier objects from place to place.

He started with this King Kutter carry all frame, 
click on the link for more info.

He added the back and base

plus side rails

He is pretty insistent that I ride in the back
up and down our road waving to my subjects neighbors
along the way.  I am still very much under the weather
so I opted out, but Taylor didn't!
My granddaughter had a lot of laughs as Pops 
slowly drove her down the gravel road.

Health Update-
I'm still not out of the woods with complications
from my recent bout of diverticulitis.  I manage to get
to work and back but that's about all.  Then I crash 
in my recliner until I can go to bed.  I've hardly been 
on Blogger even to read your posts.
It's improving so hopefully I'll be up and running soon.


Gorges Smythe said...

Back on the farm, our carry-all got used more than the trailer.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Many neat things could be made from that metal 3pt frame. Might even rig it up to dump the load.
I finally got my Ferguson going again, it is like your 8N only a different motor along with a few similar approaches to things. Ford stole the whole idea from ferguson and even lost a court case so some parts will interchange.

Lady Locust said...

That is great! Looks so much more useful 'finished.'


I love what he has built and know it will come in handy. I am so sorry that you're not back to normal and hope and pray you will be soon..

Powell River Books said...

Looks like a handy tool. Hope you get better quick. - Margy

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

I have a Dirt Scoop ( for the 3 point that dumps. It works well and I've used it to move tons and tons of rock and dirt around here, not to mention a fair amount of digging. The Carry All has been on the list of wants for quite awhile now. It's so much easier than backing a trailer through all the trees and it'll carry just about as much. And it sure makes the steering lighter! :)

It's always been amazing to me just how much can be done with an old tractor and 3 point. It'd be nice to have a front loader but for the price difference the old 8N does well enough.

You're right about the fight between Ford and Ferguson, Sunnybrook. Henry's handshake meant something..the younger generation - not so much. Ferguson's design is still the backbone of most modern 3 point systems. Good engineering never goes out of style.