Friday, May 13, 2011

Congratulations To Miss Taylor, 2011 Kindergarten Graduate

Cheers! Applause!! Pomp and Circumstance !!!!!
Congratulations To Miss Taylor, age 6, - 2011 Kindergarten Graduate !!!!!

Tonight we celebrated with Taylor's choice of meal: Hot Dogs on the Grill, Tater Tots (fried)- cheese optional - and a chocolate tuxedo layer cake. Yumm.

At work I just moved into an office on another floor so my department had sent flowers and a bouquet of mylar balloons in various shades of silver and blue, one with a pretty flower on it. Since it was the weekend I passed it along to Taylor for her celebration.

What did she say about the balloons? "Oh, how pretty?" No. "What fun!" No. What she DID SAY was, "I love to suck the air out of those balloons and talk like a munchkin!" Yep, takes after her grandparents. LOL

It's rainy and somewhat cold so now we've settled in, watching one of her favorite movies - Gremlins! It's one of her mom's favorites too, in fact, my daughter named our cat Gizmo! Well, off to finish the movie and maybe play a hand or two of Tastes Like Chicken (card game).

Congrats, T !!


TLW said...

What a little cutie! Congratulations Taylor!

Mary Christine said...

Beautiful little girl. Kindergarten graduations are so cute!

Manny said...

Congratulations to Taylor!

me said...

Congratulations from me too Taylor! I so agree with her, regarding balloons.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thank you- we may break into those balloons today!