Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Garden- Mother's Day Blooms

Good Morning, Sunshine. Rain clouds take a brief rest gifting us with a few days for sowing our seeds and nestling our transplants in the soggy soil.

Iris flank our mama and baby birdbath, ringed with sella d'oro daylilies and guarded by penstemon digitalis (beardtongue) that should be in bloom shortly.

The bee balm burst open its blossoms like a fireworks finale.

A small azela is tucked away behind hostas, keeping the weigelia company.

I severly trimmed the hedge rose rooted at the edge of our retaining wall. Hundreds of tiny blossoms developed, just about ready to pop open.

Perhaps my Mother's Day gift will be some quality time planting the nine flats of various flowers and veges covering my breakfast nook for the past few weeks. Then I may take a break and savor one of the delightful sugar cone ice cream drumsticks, covered with chocolate shavings rather than nuts, that are awaiting in the freezer. I suppose its the next best thing to ice sculpture buffets!


TLW said...

Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day :)

Mary Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day.

Manny said...

Love your garden Kathy. It must really be something to see in person. I planted a couple of azelias for my mother this weekend. We like the purple type.

Happy Mother's Day. Stop by my blog to read a story about a couragous mother who refused to abort. It might be of interest to you. :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

My mom lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas and her azelas get huge, as tall as the bottom of her deck which you can walk under! Must be the warmer weather and her shady back yard. She gets monster hostas too.