Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is My Blackberry

This is my Blackberry.
In the next couple of months Taylor will gingerly pluck off the plump, reddish-black berries and pop them in her mouth even before I can get them into the house. I'll help with the ones buried further in the brambles emerging with handsful of berries as well as some nice scratches from the countless thorns. A little painful at time but the challange of trying to pick them without wounds is too overwhelming to leave them alone!

Calling All Volunteers!

The volunteer pumpkin patch is coming along nicely. The seeds were left in the compost by my nephew and are obviously pretty good seeds. They came up last year and the leftovers made an appearance this year as well. With any luck we will get several mid sized pumpkins for Taylor and a few other kids.

A New Taste Treat?

My neighbor chose to plant radish and kohlrabi in our communal garden. I like radishes but I've never had kohlrabi so I'm pretty interested to see what it will taste like. The garden is coming along pretty well considering all the rain we have had since we supposedly moved into Spring.

A Watcher in the Garden

Spotty, the cat, waits patiently in the courtyard keeping a careful eye out for the other male cat that calls my yard home. They seem to have a truce going at mealtime but when it's over, they need their own space.

A Fall Fanfare

The hostas have done exceptionally well this year. I planted various colors of coleus in the bed which should lead to a spectacular fall as the hosta flowers start to fade and the coleus sends out its spiky blooms.

The Sisters

I call these blooms The Sisters. This is our beautiful early peony, the largest plant with the most prolific blooms. It has a few more blossoms in its back pocket but will soon rest for the remainder of the season; however, our mid season peony is beginning to take over in order to grace us with fragerant aromas over the next month or so.

It looks like we have another partially dry day with temperatures in the 80s. Unfortunately the severe weather that hit Kansas and Oklahoma yesterday is heading for us today and should be here sometime after 4 PM. At some point we need a little more sunshine on a regular basis if the summer crops are to mature. In the meantime I'm going to plant some lettuce varieties in a shallow planter and keep it in the breakfast room area where we started our seeds. It is definately sunny enough so I hope it's cool enough to keep the plants going so we have some fresh greens for awhile. It's an experiment but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Have a wonderful day!


Manny said...

Simply gorgeous. And I love blackberries. Does a blackberry bush take up a lot of space? I've never actually seen one. I've no place to put one, but one can always dream. :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Mine are wild and grow wherever they feel like it. They are brambles so they have long branches that fan out and get all tangled up in each other. It can be painful to pick the wild ones. I suppose that if you train it at home it can be kept under control. I know they make thornless ones too.

Manny said...

Thanks Kathy. Everything ok with you considering the Missouri tornados? I was thinking about you when I heard. My prayers to all those who are effected.

me said...

I've just been watching on the news, about the tornados. Hope you all ok there? Thinking of you.