Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Invasion of the Transplants

Where is my Spring? Our last frost date is supposed to be April 15, but being on the border of two zones, we know to wait until May 1 for more tender vegetation, just to be safe. It's now May 3 and we have the potential for a light frost tonight.

I am out of room. I have 9 flats of flowers and/or vegetables in my breakfast room window, plus a grape plant, a lilly and some other plant I can't identify (a gift). Thankfully, I don't have a breakfast room table and chairs. We have a dining room that leads into the kitchen which has a big breakfast bar. I don't need a third seating area in 40 feet. That made it easy to set up some saw horses and a long board between the two walls of glass. But it is getting to be a little much.

You can't see the shade plants that are on the floor, or probably the grape plant but it's all there. Soon, if I don't plant, the cucumbers will begin to climb the window sills, entwining themselves among the slats of the mini blinds. The pumpkin is a giant variety so the eventuality is: Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater . . . I'll soon have my own place I suppose! I wish I had a greenhouse, then I'd start a money tree!


Mary Christine said...

It is still so cold here, I don't know when I will plant anything. Usually it is the first weekend in May. Not this year.

Your plants look so healthy and wonderful.

Manny said...

Oh dear. I hope it doesn't frost on you. The temperature dropped here too, but I don't think it's supposed to get that low. You might want to cover them with a sheet of plastic.