Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming in the Grass

We have frogs and tadpoles swimming in our grass! Yes, in our grass. Our culvert is damaged so water backs up on one side when it rains heavily. Typically this is a quick fill up and drain process but not so these days. Our constant storms have left us waterlogged, in fact, the water is more than ankle deep and goes for quite a bit, enough that you can't step over it at all. There are hundreds and hundreds of large black tadpoles swimming between the blades of grass, hiding under clover leaves and trying not to be caught. Thanks to an old spaghetti sauce can four now live in our garden pond. I am wondering, due to the size of the parents, what type of frogs these are. Bullfrogs or leopard frogs perhaps?

As if we needed it this year, we installed a water source for the garden that sits pretty far away from the house, probably 160 feet from the hose bib. Our neighbor dug the trench across our drive and through the wooded area between the house and garden. The main bib at the house has a splitter that allows water to flow in one direction or the other- or both. The leg that leads to the garden hose can be turned on at the house but remain off until you turn on the hose at the garden. It makes its way there through schedule 40 pvc pipe with a coupler so we can drain it in the fall.

We are struggling to get growing this year due to the weather. If we can get a few good days of sunshine in we will be doing better. We planted the beans this week, both bush and pole, plus some chard, onions, summer squash and snow peas. The regular peas are coming up along with good radish growth plus the volunteer pumpkins are starting to vine.

Everything is covered with straw to keep down the weeds plus till into the garden next year. I put out some cherry tomatoes in pots and decided to try some smaller onions in a container. I saw a cute shallow planter filled with lettuces so I thought way not try it indoors? It can't hurt.

More severe weather is heading our way with rain predicted until the weekend. I've packed up the most critical items and will be putting them away in the basement just in case. The storms yesterday brought down trees and power was out in several areas. We were sent home from work mid day. The weathermen suggested we could experience the worst weather ever over the next 24 hours or so. Already the storm sparked a tornado that hit a suburb in Oklahoma leaving behind death and injury. Within the hour will be in Joplin, MO, a town that doesn't need this right now.

I'm having Blogger problems, in fact I cannot log on using my computer so I'm borrowing this. My apologies if I haven't seemed attentive.

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