Monday, May 30, 2011

Sluggish Garden - Spotted Leopards

The kids discovered this giant spotted leopard slug last night amid their frog hunting excursion on our courtyard. Fortunately I had an ample supply of table salt on hand to rid kiddie hands of slimy trails after they decided to pet the slug and let it crawl on them. These must be the prime destroyers of my hostas but gee, they are so cute! Taylor calls them all Mr. Sluglie and looks forward to their annual return.

The white object is a plastic drinking cup, the type made by Solo. I also placed a dandelion leaf next to it so you can see the approximate length and thickness. For now they have their freedom, assuming my hostas are not too severely damaged.

Soon the butterfly weed will be in full bloom, covered in orange butterflies (moths?). Then we'll be moving onto caterpillars!

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