Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knee High?

Knee high by the fourth of July?

I'm not so sure if the corn will be knee high by July 4 due to the colder than normal spring accompanied by buckets of rain. We will have some warm weather this week, in fact, the pole and bush beans surrounding our tree branch tripod finally sprouted.

The peas are also doing well, this variety grows only about a foot tall. Our neighbor planted this variety so we strung up some twine to let the tendrils grab ahold just in case. My onion sets sprouted and the chard might be coming up, either that or a weed is overtaking their hills. Only time will tell.

We found a dead opossum at the edge of the garden. I'd post a photo but it is not terribly attractive although there is not much left of him other than teeth and bones. The kids around here have a pretty good knowledge of what animals are made of as they discover bones laying around the woods, sometimes undisturbed so they can view the animal's skeletal structure.
I'm hoping this will lead to a brilliant career in some field of science!

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