Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Garden Quilt

Perhaps someday I shall make a garden quilt-- using all the various hues of my garden. I will have yellows and whites, blues and purples and reds and pinks. I will have every shade of green, beautiful textures and interesting patterns that can only be found in nature.

My quilt would be a comfy, cozy quilt with extra fluffy batting. It would be a quilt to curl up with on cold winter days when blossoms and blooms have long faded away, memories of summers past. Perhaps I will embroider the year on the corner as a little gardening reminder. Maybe I'll even add my name.

It would be a quilt to pass down to children and grandchildren, eventually being patched here and there where there was a little too much cuddling over the years. Then my quilt will be a new creation, a quilt created by both grandmother and granddaughter perhaps? Maybe someone will embellish it with bits of fanciness? Buttons, beads or maybe charms? Perhaps they will add their name and date.

A quilt for the ages.

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