Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilt Block #9

This is block #9 of my Block of the Month quilting class. This one made me think for a minute. When you follow the pattern it wasn't really a square! Then you have to attach side triangles with their little dog eared corners overlapping the fabric next to it. Finally you turn the piece and attach the green/red larger triangles, again, overlapping.

Here is what it looked like before the final corner pieces.

Here is the back (I know, it's not the perfect quilter lady seams but it won't fall apart!) You can see the little dog ear pieces here.

Now I need to trim it to the correct size and then create the border, which will be difficult. Really, they told us that it would be difficult which is really convenient because we had our last "class" so we're on our own! I may be bringing it into them for help. It's called a Y seam?

Then I do the borders that connect all the 9 blocks. After that I will have the middle of the bedspread completed. That leaves the sides which are also very interesting. Finally I'll have it quilted (I'm not doing it myself due to time constraints and lack of a long arm quilting machine).