Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Letting Go

I'm not a Catholic blogger- I am Catholic but I don't really blog about Catholic subjects; however, I read Mark Mallet's blog today where he makes reference to prophesy. I struggle with being connected to possessions.

Not an expensive car, fancy clothes or extensive travel. In fact, I'd rather be in T-shirts and sweats, I drive an old Jeep, that has 250,000 miles and no a/c, and I would rather stay put than travel. Where I struggle is not the big, beautiful house that we have and love but rather the old, worn furniture, photos and possessions that have been passed down through my family. If I could choose now, I'd move to a homestead. A real one with pasture for animals and be off grid as much as possible. Or, we could live in a barn for all I care as long as I had my family stuff- that's my big downfall.

I see the changes that are taking place in the world and I don't care for them. I see selfish, self centered people with no respect for others, I don't trust our government or anything the news tries to tell us. Things have to change and if we don't do it, it will be done for us. I see how we have to get back to the basics, how to get by without everything we have come to depend on in this modern world, where one day we may wake up to find out our country has changed overnight. That sudden.

This prophesy doesn't seem too out of line- I'm not good at letting go.

Because I love you, I want to show you what I am doing in the world today. I want to prepare you for what is to come. Days of darkness are coming on the world, days of tribulation… Buildings that are now standing will not be standing. Supports that are there for my people now will not be there. I want you to be prepared, my people, to know only me and to cleave to me and to have me in a way deeper than ever before. I will lead you into the desert… I will strip you of everything that you are depending on now, so you depend just on me. A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, a time of glory is coming for my people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of my Spirit. I will prepare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen…. And when you have nothing but me, you will have everything: land, fields, homes, and brothers and sisters and love and joy and peace more than ever before. Be ready, my people, I want to prepare you… —given by Ralph Martin, St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, May, 1975
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TLW said...

The more we give away, the more we have.

Christ reminded us that we are worth far more to His Heavenly Father than the sparrows, but not one of them falls to the ground without His knowledge and He provides for them, as He will for us.

"Store not up for yourselves treasure on earth, where moths consume and rust corrupts and thieves break in and steal, but rather, store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven... for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" -Matthew Chapter 6

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think it was my grandmother. Ever since I was little she made me promise to protect the family history, including furniture that has been handed down over generations. I think that was the first or second most important thing in her life. So, I struggle.

TLW said...

There are worse things you could be attached to than sentimental pieces of your family history. I'm sure you loved your grandmother very much and in a way this is your continued connection to her.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

I couldn't care less about prophecies unless they come directly from God to me, but I've been thinking a LOT lately about selling everything I own and going off-grid myself. I'm a loner at heart and would have made a great monk.

At first I thought about going back to Alaska (I was stationed there in the Army during the late 70s) and homesteading. But then I came to my senses and remembered we have this state called Hawaii!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Well it's not Hawaii but if you are a loner, you'd fit in nicely where we live! I don't think I could happily move back to town and see houses whenever I walked outside. We have about 18 lots but they are wooded, 5 acres and on a ridge so unless you are on the small, private lake, you don't see each other. I've been looking at a lot of homesteader blogs thinking maybe, next place.