Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teach Me Some Art, Fiona

I am a complete failure at art, really, without a doubt. I can manage the quilting because it is more, well, structured, engineered. I can be creative in a literary sense such as writing stories, poems, lyrics or jingles. I can market and I can sell. I'm pretty good at the rummage sale, grouping various and sundry objects to make a theme or pulling together outfits to display in the clothing area. I can't; however, be artsy. This is why I purchased . . . . . The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas . . . . . at the book fair today at work.

It's Perfect! Check it out here

It shows me how to, step by step, make a thumbprint horse, or poppies from a bunch of splotches, or snails by rolling up a small, thin sponge sideways and dipping it in paint. Press it to the paper and you have a snail shell design. Paint or draw your snail on this. Perfect!

There's making stained glass windows with something like tissue paper behind building cutouts, little hat designs embellished with pen and ink to create fancy lady hats, paper weaving, etc. It's GREAT.

It will be in the Easter basket for Taylor, but will remain at our place since we have her every other weekend. That way T and I will learn art together, one page at a time.

My high school painting teacher publically ridiculed me because my painting was fuzzy. The lines of my still life weren't crisp and perfect. Little did he know I painted it just as I saw it- I needed glasses- it was actually pretty perfect! (LOL) And wouldn't you know it, another art teacher, Mr. Vivrette, loved Tom. He was Oh Sooooo creative and full of designy ideas. I hated being in art class with him especially as his was the example of brilliant work and mine was the "what not to create" example.

Tomorrow I am supposed to return to The House of Fear and Trepidation. I spent two weeks painting the darned wooden blocks and screwed them up again. The ladies said they would think of something that I might be able to do. They are really very nice, talented and obviously exceptionally patient.

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