Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spot the Cat

This is Spot, or Spotty as I call him. He's top stray cat around here and I'm his favorite person. He adopted me when his brother, Magellan, dissappeared years ago. Until that time they were inseparatable.

He claims my lap. No, he demands my lap. Then he stretches out so I can scratch his head and neck plus pull burrs out of his coat. Then he rolls over to get the other side groomed. When the other male stray sneaks up Spotty's ears perk up and off he runs to protect his human. Poor Sugar Bear, the male stray. The only truce is when they are eating, in separate areas of course.

They are also the keepers of the mouse/mole/squirrel population, always a balance to things, unless parts and pieces are deposited on my porch as a offering. I was amazed to find only a squirrel tail one day. No bones, nothing. Just the tail. Just wondering-where's the rest?


me said...

He looks very like my mom's old cat, Dempsey, who sadly, is no longer with us. He was a very sweet loving cat, which is rare in England. Cats are a lot of things over here but sweet is not something they would thank you for calling them. They rule us with an 'uppity nose in the air' attitude, you see!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking! Spot is a very cute cat and I look forward to seeing you next week!


Millie said...

Squirrel Is my favorite meal! it takes me a couple of days, but all I leave is the tail too.

Snickers the Cat