Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bye Bye, Goat

Goat's gone!

I called our neighbor, the Fire Marshal, who lives across the valley from us to ask if he knew anyone that was missing a pigmy goat wearing a dog collar. He wasn't in and the voicemail didn't seem to be working well so I pressed O for the phone attendant. He, also a fireman, asked me to leave the message with him. I'm not certain but I think I left him rolling on the floor in fits of belly laughter.

Pretty soon I got the return call and no luck, he didn't know anyone missing a collared goat but did say he would like to have a goat one day. Well, I said, this is your lucky day. Sure enough, later on this evening along comes his truck (not the fire truck) and three guys get out to pick up the goat. They didn't realize this goat is leash trained, likes to be held and will probably have enjoyed taking the couple mile ride.

It sounds like little "Billy" will have a nice home. There are children to play with him, chickens to keep him company and he'll get to do his absolutely favorite thing - eat. He will be responsible for keeping down the brush and from what I've seen, that won't be a problem.

If Billy's rightful owners ever show up we'll direct them to the fire marshal's place but I sure hope he stays at his new home where he'll be warm, safe and locked up tight.

By the way, the photo link below is to a coloring page if anyone wants to print it off for the kids (children, I mean). It looks like there are lots of pages to choose from.

goat coloring picture link


Mary Christine said...

I'm glad you found a good dispo for the goat.

me said...

Great news! I am glad. What does 'dispo' mean, by the way?

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I am so glad he found a real home last night before these storms arrived. He would have been in the dark chicken coop with the chickens who would have pecked him since he was new. Then the thunder and lightening on top of it. I think Shadowland's prayer worked!

Manny said...

Ah, he is cute. I could never eat an animal I actually knew alive. I'm really glad he's got a home. Have a great Easter Sunday!