Sunday, April 17, 2011

History Repeats Itself- Sending Prayers for Storm Victims

Palm Sunday 1920 - Palm Sunday 2011- Praying for Victims
(now up to 43)

By daybreak they could see the complete devastation that ravaged the South.

From Fox News: A devastating storm that spawned tornadoes, flash floods and hail as big as softballs has claimed at least 35 lives across the U.S. while roaring through the South and gaining steam in North Carolina and Virginia. Emergency crews searched for victims in hard-hit swaths of North Carolina, where 62 tornadoes were reported from the worst spring storm in two decades to hit the state . . .Authorities said at least 10 people were killed in North Carolina and at least three more in neighboring Virginia during the storm's passage Saturday before the sprawling, potent storm bands moved eastward over the Atlantic.

The storms claimed its first lives Thursday night in Oklahoma, then roared through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Seven people each were killed in Arkansas and Alabama, two people in Oklahoma and one person in Mississippi, authorities have said. Fox News

This is not the first time-
The Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1920 was an outbreak of at least 38 significant tornadoes across the Midwest and Deep South states on March 28, 1920. The tornadoes left over 380+ dead, and at least 1,215 injured. Many communities and farmers alike, were caught off-guard, as the storms moved to the northeast at speeds that reached over 60 miles per hour (97 km/h). Most of the fatalities occurred in Georgia (201+), Indiana (56), and Ohio (55), while the other states had lesser amounts.
1920 Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak

Pray for the victims, family, friends and pets.


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Manny said...

We had a wild night of weather here in NYC too, but nothing devasting. God rest those poor souls who were killed and bring peace to all those suffering.