Friday, April 8, 2011

Saved by the Light

This is the best flashlight in the world- or so says my husband. Let me tell you that I work for Energizer, just to be up front, but this is not the reason for this post. He truly thinks it is the best flashlight in the world.

He asked me to pick up a flashlight at work that had multiple LEDs. We had two models, one smaller and less expensive, and this one that is a bit more. I purchased both of them with the agreement that I could return one of them. He actually wanted the smaller one; however, after checking out what this can do, he was hooked.

Tonight it helped us move a copperhead back to the woods. Thank goodness I didn't reach down to the retaining wall, all warmed by our 83 degree day. One of the cats was staring at it and I could see something was unusual. I grabbed the light and saw immediately the hourglass pattern on the snake, the snake that decided it wanted to follow me- oh oh.

Tom got the grain shovel (it's really wide and long), picked him up and took him over to the woods, all with me shining the 100 lumens of high intensity LED light on the path.

But back to the light:
100 lumens high intensity LED
Multiple LEDS: white, red for night vision, green for map reading, blue for illuminating blood trails and ultraviolet for seeing fishing line and lures. These can be used independently or in a combination. The head swivels and can be locked at a few different positions. There is a clip to attach it for hands free use, it can withstand a 10 ft drop, and is waterproof.

The battery requirement is unusual. It takes 2 AAs, or not. You can put in two AAs for the brightest light. You can use a single AA in either of the two chambers. You can put in two AAs, one forward and one reversed. It will use only the one. When it runs out, turn the other one around and you still have light.

Night Strike link

We do have some new awsome products if you haven't seen them in awhile. Tom even wore the headlight, again with multiple settings, as he tended the chickens after dark. The red setting allows you to see clearly yet not be blinded by the light.

Here is an Energizer Bunny game the kids may like- try it out. Bunny Beats game link

Have a good evening!


me said...

I love torches! Also, battery operated transistor radios. Dunno why, just do! I have purchased a digital radio, (a present to self, as it was half price at, you've guessed, tescos!) that also works off batteries, I think it does anyway.

Snakes!! You have snakes out there? Oh boy, oh boy! I'd be terrified.

TLW said...

snakes.....I hate snakes lol

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

You allowed a snake to live? I kill them all. I don't care what kind they are. All the dinosaurs are dead and the world goes on. I don't see why it won't go on without snakes either.

I'm gonna get one of those swivel-head models. I've got a couple of LED lights, and they're just the best!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Personally I would have killed the copperhead because of the cats and kids, although the cats tend to kill them. I don't mind the garden snakes but I would prefer them to be in someone else's garden. My husband saved the snake- not sure why.

Unknown said...

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