Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shhh . . .It's a Secret Gift (Mug Rug)

Reposting September 2011 - These can be great gifts, quick and easy to make. Not only is it a mug rug but it can be substituted for a mouse pad in a pinch!

I just completed my first mug rug, as a secret gift for a blogger who was kind enough to send me some homemade shortbread cookies, both plain and peanut butter flavored, star shaped and decorated all cute with little faces. It is similar to a quilted place mat but perfect dimensions for a coffee mug and muffin, or for this demo, a toaster pastry. I don't know if she enjoys coffee or perhaps some tea but even a glass of milk with cookies would do just fine. She has a bake shop blog so there will be plenty of opportunity to use it. Again, it is my first attempt so I hope she doesn't look too closely at the workmanship!

I took a Charm pack, which is a pack of coordinated 5x5 precuts, and halved several of them. I started out with 4 across and three down but it didn't seem large enough so I added some accent colors to the edges.

Then you just sew rows together and join all the rows making certain the joints all match.

I selected the backing and binding so she can use both sides. Sandwiching batting between them I then quilted the piece by sewing about 1/4 inch on both sides of each seam. The piece is pinned here as I attached the binding so it looks puckered. Once completed it flattened out quite nicely.

I measured and cut the binding pressing it in half and machine sewing the initial side to the front of the mug rug. I turned it and attached the other side by hand.

I guess it won't be much of a secret now! She doesn't live here so I have to get a little box and package it up next week. I hope she likes it!


HalfPint said...

Oh my gosh this is SO cute!! These colors match the rooms on my first floor. Perfectly. I can't wait to get it! And the scale you have in the background of the first picture is really cool.
Thank You Thank You!!
Feeling better?

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Feeling better but still not up to par. I think Tom shared his cold- nice anniversary gift! Let me know when you get it.

Debbie said...

LOVE this Kathy!!! The fabric is so lovely. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog!