Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Have Been Tagged

I have been tagged so I will post my response. I may not be very good at this, I am Catholic but not a Catholic blogger, and I doubt that I have 5 followers that are not already in the loop on this. In fact, I have only 11 followers and three are my family. I may not post 5, I may post the most important which the five would always link back to anyway.

I am about moving onto the past- what we need to know in the event that situations throw us back a hundred years or so to a time where we don't have cell phones, air conditioning, grocery stores that import products from across the world or even electricity.

So this really does pertain to my blog, just in a different way. If we move onto the past we better be able to put our trust somewhere and I don't think our government is the best bet. How could a country a great as we once were allow something like Katrina to continue on and on and on. No reason at all so I don't trust them to come to my aid. It wouldn't suit their purposes. I think I'll put my trust elsewhere:

I've been tagged

Mary, over at The Beautiful Gate has been tagging people for a meme called Why I love Jesus. The rules for this meme are:

- Those tagged will share 5 things they "love" about Jesus
- Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers
- Those tagged will provide a link in the comment section
here with their names so that others can read them

#1 First and foremost: Hope.
Before Jesus, there was no hope. If you were bad you might make amends but you may not get into Heaven, maybe not Hell either, but not Heaven. No matter what I do, I have hope through Jesus. Without hope, why bother, nothing would matter.

#2 He was willing to die for me. I doubt many others would, maybe one.

#3 I like his mother a lot.
I have someone who understands our life. Granted, she is and always was perfect, without original sin, so it makes being good a whole lot easier, but she is still someone I can ask to intercede for me, when through my human nature, things seem hopless.

Is three OK? There's not anything not to like that is His fault. More like my fault and then I have to fess up to being not so perfect. I have to make some time to do that, it's been awhile.

As I mentioned, I don't know who of my followers would do this that are not already in the Catholic blogosphere and probably will be tagged anyway. If anyone at all wants to add something, please comment.

Here is Shadowlands Top 5:



me said...

Great reasons Kathy! I can't believe I forgot to mention Our Lady, she is so vital to us even having Jesus in the first place! God bless, thankyou for joining in.

Mary Christine said...

#3 I like his mother a lot. Me too!