Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Thyme

Just a little "glitch" this weekend. It's not really going to be cold, stormy and possibly spit out some flurries. Nope, not in my place. In my place, it's THYME! Oh yeah, thyme and basil, watermelon and cucumber seeds have sprouted.

My sister-in-law, she's married to Tom's brother, gave me this nice lilly which bloomed today. I'm waiting a few days before putting it outside since our weather is being somewhat undecisive. It's a lovely lilly so I'll have to send something over to their place. Maybe some hostas?

I've added a few purchased plants: mums, salvia and snapdragons. Some herbs tagged along when I left Wal-Mart: dill, marjoram and sage for the deck planters which are conveniently located off the kitchen. I have saved old spice bottles for reuse after I dry my cuttings.

Taylor was eyeing up the strawberry plants with their teeny tiny strawberries already forming. I'm sure she'll sneak down in the middle of the night with a waterproof sharpie and tag each one with her name!!!

See, she'll fool you, sitting there all nice and sweetly playing with her paper dolls. Once those berries turn red, better not take your eyes off of her!

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