Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Pie for You

They are making fun of me again. Yes, I did plant a non-bearing cherry tree- a cherry tree that does not produce cherries. No, I did not also plant a tomato plant that does not produce tomatoes or buy a cow that does not give milk. Very, very funny guys!

This tree is next to the courtyard and I wanted some nice, actually pink, flowers next to our white house but it seems the flowers are more white than the tree tag led me to believe; nevertheless, it is pretty and won't stain my house or concrete red with disgarded fruit. The proposed (small) orchard is planned for a bit further away.

So, if you are waiting for pie, it may be awhile!


me said...

It was the word 'pie' in the title of your post that brought me here Kathy, so to go away empty handed, without even a foto of pie and custard is too much to bear!
Anyway, I am trying not to indulge my pie appetite during lent. I haven't been absolutely faithful to my pie fast though, but certainly no custard has passed my lips.
Your tree looks beautiful anyway!

jangojingo said...

Sometimes the blossom does not reveal the first fruits of the harvest.