Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Morels Are Here

The morels are here!
We've been watching beneath the ash trees where they 
grew last year.  Between yesterday and this morning they
appeared out of nowhere.

When he picks them he tries to shake them up a bit 
so some of the spores remain next season.  You have to
make certain you are picking morels, not false morels. 
See the link here for false morel identification.
The Missouri Dept of Conservation has some good 
links here covering not only false morels but other
good types along with recipes.  

Supposedly the best spots are under elm, tulip, old apple
trees and ash trees, they say preferably dead, 
after the ground has been disturbed - such a disruption
caused by water rushing over it or the leaves disturbed.
He found these so far and will check tomorrow morning
when they are easier to spot.

My granddaughter will be so disappointed.  
She fell in love with fried morels at our friend's place
last year when they had a blue gill and mushroom fry.
She won't be with us this weekend, and we will 
cook them tomorrow for dinner.


Gorges Smythe said...

We used to have some around here, but I think our out-of-control deer herd gets them all anymore (along with the ginseng, the blackberries, the raspberries, the flowers, the vegetables, the shrubs, etc, etc, etc.

Candy C. said...

Cool! Obviously NOT something we have here in the Arizona desert!