Saturday, April 18, 2015

Decorating the Compost Pile

Our granddaughter, Taylor, and her friends took great pride in
decorating the compost pile!  We could hear them laughing,
screaming and running about; however, we didn't expect this!

They created steps from rocks and lined them 
with May apple greenery topped by sprigs of redbud.

It is an awfully nice embellishment but we are still 
wondering what the fascination with a pile of horse poop,
wood chips and other decaying organic matter is.
They sure have a good time with it!


Candy C. said...

It's a HILL, that's why they like it! The steps are awfully nice. :)


That is too cute! I know it is a joy to have them around...

Lady Locust said...

And you thought compost only grew healthy veggies:)
What great entertainment.

LindaG said...

Your compost must be doing great if the smell didn't encourage them to be elsewhere. :-)

Unknown said...

Well they did a great job...who knew a pile of poop could look so good. So nice to see kids playing outside like we once did! Great post!

Powell River Books said...

One chore I didn't get to this trip was to go up on the hill and check on my buried compost pile. I need to work up the soil so I can plant my quinoa seeds. This year I'm just going to scatter them and hope I get enough growing before the critters attack. - Margy