Sunday, April 19, 2015

Storm Damage Clean Up

This is always the thing you want to see when you look
at your giant, leaning tree that is near the driveway.
It's only a matter of time.
Then, will it fall or get hung up in all the other trees in its path?

We had a similar situation with another large tree
on the other side of the front yard.  A storm came
through that left the torn and twisted top hanging from
the top.  Finally storm #2 came through and took about
half of it down.  With the help of a ladder, the other half might 
just be low enough to attach a chain to it and pull it away with the tractor.  

Taylor, our granddaughter, is very helpful.
She always offers to drive the four wheeler when there
is work to be done!  I am not certain she realizes
she's doing any work though based on her big smile.

There are a few other large limbs hanging on so
you need to be mindful of them as you walk about.

Cousin Gabe discovered the window had been shattered
in the camper and glass all over the ground.  This side
faces away from the house so we had not noticed it.

We're not done with Spring storms, there should be 
some big ones in May and June.  My work location is
moving a mile farther up the road.  After 15 years of covered parking,
we will be in a regular parking lot.  I've never had covered
parking in the past but you sure do get spoiled 
with the little perks like covered parking 
 and a tunnel into the building to stay out of the elements.
I guess I'll have to get one of those sunshades because
I have a black interior and it will surely be hot.


Gorges Smythe said...

Put some little visors on the outside of the doors and you can leave the windows cracked slightly, which will keep the car a little cooler.

LindaG said...

Glad you are all safe!

We had branches hanging like that after last year's ice storm. Some still are.

What hubby did with the lowest ones, if there was any way to get a line over them, he used heavy braided line and then attached that to tractor or truck and pulled them down that way.
Sometimes he would use a fishing pole with a weight, and then pull the rope up and around the branch.
I'm sure you would have done that though, if you could.

Take care, be safe, and have a blessed day. ♥

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Linda, that is what he is thinking. Our neighbor had a larger tractor which would have been better but between ours or trucks, we will get it down.

Gorges, yes I will look into that. It is a safe area so no problem leaving windows cracked but I have to remember to removed anything that could melt or warp.

Harry Flashman said...

All that wood will come in handy for your fire when winter comes. Looks like good quality firewood.

Carolyn said...

Glad you're able to take care of those trees. We've got two that are right next to the house that need taken down...before they take the house down with them.

Candy C. said...

Dang, hope the trees get taken care of before they cause more damage! Taylor does look happy to be "working!" :)

Powell River Books said...

We've been up at the cabin for two weeks. On one of our few trips to town, a thunderstorm passed through. It either created a mini-tornado or water spout. It sucked two chairs off the cabin deck, knocked my large cedar trees in pots over (fortunately they didn't roll off the deck into the lake), and almost tore our new porch enclosure off the wall. Funny thing, it only affected one corner of the deck. Everything else was just as we left it. - Margy

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hope you're able to get those trees cleaned up before more storms and more possible damages! Too bad about the camper window-- those things aren't cheap.
I'm reading this... and just read that your knee is injured badly and your out of town-- so trees right now, can wait, I'm sure; but would be nice if all this wasn't going on at once!