Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My New Drug of Choice

I KNOW it's sinful.
I KNOW it's my entire caloric intake for the week.
It's Probably full of stuff that isn't good for me
but I'm weak
And, I love Denny's
I at it ALL

 I had to see the doctor today for my back
which he thinks may be a vertebrae issue  
plus have some regular blood work done
so I hadn't eaten all day and it was nearing lunch time.
Denny's happens to be very close and it wasn't crowded.
This was a featured special.
I did check the rest of the menu items:
salads, sandwiches, etc.
I tried to turn the page, but it called to me,
"Kaaaathy- pick me!!!"

It's two perfect slices of bacon
Two perfectly cooked eggs
Wonderfully crunchy hash browns
and this pancake concoction that I've never seen before-
it had frosting on it.  
FROSTING! The kind that is a cream cheese glaze 
like on turnovers or bunt cakes.
It's not FAIR to offer frosting on pancakes
that also are loaded with blueberries and strawberries
and whipped cream
and syrup.

My waitress, Mary, was wonderful too.
She doted on me.
(I think they feel sorry for lone diners)
My coffee cup never emptied.
She got about a 50% tip.
Waitresses that work that hard to please deserve it.

I ate almost every last bite -- of everything.
 I'm stuffed.

I think I need a 12 step program.
I'm glad Denny's is in the neighboring town!


Candy C. said...

You are too funny! At least there were strawberries and blueberries involved! LOL!!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Let's hope you make this a special occasion and not an every day thing!
Though there are worse things to eat I guess and have the word combo after them.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

No, not an every day thing, it's 20 miles from my house but on a rare occasion I've eaten there- my birthday when you get a free breakfast or sometimes traveling. I just hate most fast food places (except Jack In the Box (tacos) and Taco Bell (tacos).

LindaG said...

I LOVE crunchy hashbrowns. I wish we had a Denny's near here.
I would have eaten it all too.
I don't know about a 12 step program, but perhaps just someone to share it with. ;-)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love everything about Denny's 'slammed' menu...except ...duh-duh-duh...
their coffee. :/
Their coffee makes me sad.
I love those waffles! Oh my goodness...I think they are butter pecan or something like Banana Nut... their are crazy good!!! It would be nice if their coffee were good enough to wash it down with. :/
Seriously... I've had to order Chocolate Milk after having their coffee. I'm not a picky coffee drinker either. (I've only EVER had one Starbucks coffee in my life!) ...just saying, by comparison. I think it's their coffee. :/
Didn't mean to make this about me and Denny's awful coffee...
I do hope all your results come back good. Glad you ate that AFTER BLOOD WORK...they'd probably have to cart you out on a stretcher!
...our Denny's is in a neighboring town too. So really it's THEIR Denny's...which is ok, because their coffee is awful! :P

Pat :D

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I was wondering about the coffee. I'm used to just using dry creamer but this was liquid which I don't normally like since it dilutes the coffee. I thought it might just be due to adding liquid but maybe not.

SHARE!!! Ummm NO. They can order their own platter! LOL.
Really, I normally wouldn't have been able to finish all that but I'd been up since 4 AM with nothing to eat. I'll say that I had a couple of crackers with some cheddar and one deli sliced piece of ham for dinner, way too full to eat much.

Michelle said...

We go to Denny's very Sunday after Church. I usually get the fit skillet. But there have been days when that same dish calls my name. Luckily my husband splits it with me. I tell myself, that makes it healthier for me. Yes I know that I am living in a dream world to believe this. But it's nice here.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

I haven't been to Denny's in a long time now, but they used to have the best coffee around. Maybe they've changed it.

We started hanging out there in high school. I went there every Saturday night for years and years. Almost always ordered a Grand Slam no matter what time of day I was there. Their breakfast menu is definitely the best thing they offer! And yes, it's all cooked perfectly. I wish I could figure out how to make pancakes that soft and moist.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Get a job at Denny's and ask to make the pancakes, then quit when you find the secret!!!

For me the coffee was weak but that's because of the liquid creamer- plus you have to keep adjusting as they fill up your partially empty cup. I do cream and sugar.

Water may make the difference too, our water tastes different than in other areas unless they used distilled or some type of filter so it's the same all over.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

If I worked at Denny's I'd weigh 500 pounds tomorrow!

I stick with Folgers French Vanilla flavored coffee when I'm at home these days. It's not exactly gourmet, but it's great tasting coffee for the money. No creamer needed.

Carolyn said...

Denny's! I haven't seen a Denny's in years and I think the last time I was in one was like ten or more years ago. I recall it being very, VERY late, and I may or may not have been indulging in a libation or two beforehand, but I DO remember having FLUFFY PANCAKES at an ungawdly hour :)

Lee @ LadyLeesHome.com said...

Don't feel bad! I try to eat healthy, but once a month I have to eat junk food to keep my soul happy ;-)