Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Very Close Call

Saved by the Tail.
Don't you hate finding feathers on the porch?

We were seated in the dining room when all of a sudden
there was a huge commotion out on the front porch.
We looked up just in time for my husband 
to see a bird flying away, escaping by the skin of his teeth 
or in this case, by the barbs of his feathers.
You can see what was left behind!

These tufted titmouse birds have either 
no fear or lack any sense.  
I've seen them land right next to the cat 
and once right on me!

The culprit-
Not the black and white one (Spot)
It was Rumbles!
 That was one lucky bird, let's hope it learned a lesson. 


Sunnybrook Farm said...

You would think that a wild bird would be a little more careful but cats must just become invisible to them at times.
Those little birds got me in trouble at work once when a lady asked me what animal I would like to come back as after death. I said a titmouse and everyone took it the wrong way, where were their minds, it is a cute little bird.

Candy C. said...

Lucky, lucky bird! Yikes!!
Was he there eating the cat food? We have birds down at the barn that eat the dog and cat food.

LindaG said...

Protecting his food dish. ;-)
The bird is lucky.
Have a great weekend!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

we've had moments like that... big ruckus-- blank stares...wagging tails.
I never do get to the bottom of it.


Kristina said...

Our barn cats get birds all the time here. In fact, the barn birds dive bomb them while they are out walking around. They know the cats are a threat.