Monday, July 1, 2013

Creepy Tree

 It watches, 
smack dab in front of the house
with it's creepy eyebrows, 
stubby nose,
corkscrew tongue and
twisted hands.

They think I'm crazy, but just watch-
see the photo below.

The two top lines are it's pinched, evil eyebrows.
The second line it the pointy nose.
Then just a little lower down by the bent line,
the tongue twists out of its mouth, 
corkscrewing around
above its reaching arms
ready to grab an unsuspecting passerby 
at night
in the dark.

Maybe I read a little too much Grimm's Fairy Tales
when I was a kid,
Maybe too many scary stories around the campfire.
  I want it cut down.
It's creepy.


Lady Locust said...

I love it! No pruning allowed. I have taken photos of a dead tree that 'lives' about 1.25 hr. from me, because I love it. I have a smaller one here at home. No my chainsaw is not broken. I have a wisteria started that I am hoping to plant at the base of it and let it use it as a trellis.
You lucky duck.

Michelle said...

OK. Even if it wasn't creepy,it still isn't anything I would want to see when I walk out of my house. I agree chop it down.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Another problem is that when you take a photo of the house or yard from the street, there is the barren trunk right in the middle of the house, no way around it except at an angle. So when I want to show the house in a foot of snow or how pretty the fall trees are, there's this trunk.

I do like the idea of planting wisteria on it. I saw a dead pine tree (although I didn't know it at first) covered in hanging purple blossoms. I'd never seen that before- and it was TALL! Beautiful. I think I'll pick a tree to the side though due to the photo issues.

Powell River Books said...

I like it, too. We have several dead trees behind my Mom's condo. They make great homes for birds and critters to watch, even when we are here in the city. - Margy