Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stocking Up: Thread and Material for a Rainy Day

One of our preparedness challenges is to stock up on the basic necessities of life. We are learning where our food comes from, how to process it ourselves, saving seeds, growing gardens, canning and dehydrating. We've installed an actual wood burning insert in the fireplace which provided the majority of our heat all winter long aided by our efficient geothermal system. Our home is designed for complete cross ventilation with screen doors and a whole house fan that pulls down air like a wind tunnel from our upstairs rooms. Our attic is real and stores anything that won't be damaged by heat. That covers our food and shelter but let's not forget the clothing.

When I make my shopping trips I try to pick up an extra spool or two of thread- I can't make this on my own without spinning cotton or flax, which I am not in a position to grow. It won't do me much good to understand quilting or how to sew my granddaughter's dresses unless I have thread.

I have cut up our old 100% cotton clothes (not being donated) into large pieces trimming off the seams and collars but saving buttons and zippers for future use. You never know when these will become a pair of kiddie shorts, knee patches or a little throw.

I save my coupons and reward dollars off cards, waiting for a sale on fabrics or patterns. I scout out the last day of church rummage sales for pretty patterns left over from fundraisers past, ribbon and grab bags of fabric that are typically priced at $1 for as much as you can put into a bag.

I pack it all away in my grandmother's old cabinet with fat quarters and threads up top, bigger pieces and notions in the drawers. For yardage I have a rolly cart with three baskets that slides into the closets.

All just preparing for the day prices become much too dear.


Lisa said...

I just looked in my sewing box and realized I am totally out of white thread! Got to get to the fabric store and restock on thread, needles, and interfacing. Great posts on stocking sewing supplies. Fabric today is so expensive. I clip coupons and search thru the clearance bends for good buys.
Got to start a button jar too!

Lace up and Walk said...

What a smart idea. Since I don't do much sewing I probably only have 2 or 3 spools of thread on hand. I definitely couldn't make thread myself so I think stocking up would be a good idea. Thanks!

Mendy said...

such a great reminder, thank you!