Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Hanging Out

Pretty soon we'll be knee deep in cucumbers, shoulder deep in zucchini! I just can't get over how one little zucchini can grow about a gazillion inches -- overnight! I will have to make some really quick zucchini bread and freeze it into little loaves since I leave for a business trip on Monday, not returning until Thursday night. By that time I'm quite certain the refrigerator will be bulging!

Our refrigerator pickles turned out so good that they are about half eaten already. They are so quick to prepare, especially with the crinkle cutter I use. Perhaps my husband will get bored and decided to pickle up a bunch while I'm gone - (right, more like he'll be spending extra time on the river boating around!)

The weather is supposed to turn hot again by tomorrow- even hotter next week. I'll be in Las Vegas where temps are expected to be around 110, a dry heat they tell me. Well, I've seen those desert photos. Tell me dry heat is a good thing!

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Trudy Graves said...

Safe travels Kathy! Yeah, hot is still hot no matter how you slice it! :-)

Manny said...

110 degrees in Missouri? That is extraoridnarily hot. I've been to desert heat and I can't imagine Missouri being as dry as Arizona. The rule seems to be that with a dry heat of a desert it feels like 15 to 20 degrees less to one back east. That rule cannot apply to where you live.

Sounds like you garden is doing great! My mother's is moving along. She's got lots of tomatoes growing and luckily they don't have that bottom rot that those of the last two years have been getting. Do you know what that bottom rot is from?

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

No, Vegas will be 110. I don't like going to Vegas as very much. Not a gambler and hate hot weather.

No, about the rot, unless it's blossom end rot. Test your PH level. We called our university extension about our garden problems. I think every state might have an extension associated with their state university????? It would be agricultural.

Manny said...

I really should read more accurately. Vegas, 110 is normal. I can't get into gambling either. Why should I play when the odds are against me?

Oh you think it's Ph levels that causes it? Yes, it's blossom end rot. I had never heard the term before but I did a search. This site says it's also related to soil calcium levels: