Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Wrong Step - Booted

It's booted for a month-one wrong step. You see, the raccoons had a party in the garden, right in the middle of the corn, sooooo, out came the corn stalks. My husband handed them to me and I tossed them into the woods. Might as well let the little fellas have at it in the woods, not the garden. Well, there was this rock, or should I say part of a rock, that was sticking out of the ground but well hidden by some taller grass. Guess who stumbled over it?

Yep, I caught myself; however, the left half of my foot was pushed up while the right half stayed put. Diagnosis: Severe sprain with advanced arthritis. Sentence: Booted for a month.

I have an orthotic shoe, and a sleeping shoe, but not a walking boot. I have a call into the doctor to see if I should get one or if the shoe will do. Thankfully it's my left foot and I can still drive.

Drats- booted during the summer.

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