Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Billy Goat Chips - A Tasty Alternative

These locally made chips (south St Louis) made their debut during a free taste test in our work cafeteria a few months ago. I'm glad they did because I thought they would be just another trendy chip. They are a little pricier than your traditional store bought chips, but they are fantastic! No preservatives, sold in a paper bag, and according to their website, "More flavor with less sodium than traditional potato chips. Made with pure canola oil. No preservatives, No trans fats, No msg, & Gluten Free."

They have that nice homemade flavor without being so oily/greasy. I am starting to see them in our local specialty shops and even the main groceries in St Louis. If you decide you would like to try them there is ordering information at their website.

Billy Goat Chip Company Link

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