Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saving the Kitchen Sink

This is our "rescue" sink, saved from life in the landfill after a city renovation where the customer believed they were "upgrading" to a better model. This sink is a fine specimen, sturdy and indestructible. It's cast iron, between 200-300 lbs, porcelain glazed and holds heat like a sink should. It drains like a sink should too, double drainboards at that.

We modeled our kitchen around this sink, adding nice touches such as the copper tiles and faucet with retro handles. I'm not much for the new jazzy granite tiles, which are very beautiful but cast iron cookware plays havoc with it. Can you imagine the scratches after a couple of long cooking days? I like to be able to sit a hot skillet anywhere, and quickly if need be. That's why our counters are all tile. Affects resale value you say? Ha, in this market? I'd rather have convenience.

I can fit our large canning pots in this sink with plenty of room. And it was perfect for bathing a sitting baby. With such large drainboards she could splash her heart out and it was all good! Soap suds galore (and photos to embarrass her in front of her special someone, someday).


Unknown said...

Kathy, Love your farmhouse sink... We've got one too...It's a new model but I adore it... I can fit all my big posts inside but our kids are way too old for bath in the sink now! Good for your for recycling!

Manny said...

That is a nice looking sink. And the baby looks like she's having a great time in there!

SparingChange said...

That sink is gorgeous! Great rescue! :-)

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

Great sink! (You can keep the kid though.)

One of my pet peeves is a sink that has a tiny nozzle that barely sticks out so that your hands are actually up against the back of the sink while you're trying to wash them. Those should be outlawed or sold only to mean midgets.