Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking Pattern: The Inspiration Quilt

My inspiration for Taylor's quilt was twofold: this colorful fabric that reminds me of either Aztecs or a Caribbean theme with it's brilliant hues and golden threads, plus a little mixer upper in the design. Just when you begin to think there is a pattern to things . . . huh, what's this?

Anyone who knows me well understands that I am very attracted to darker colors and quite the sticker for schedules. Even if my quilts are colorful it will be hunter greens, brick reds. Primitives describe it best. My decorating theme of choice would be Victorian English Country Manor-the man's library with all the dark woods and leathers (I wish). Clothing follows right along. My boss asked if I might consider purchasing a pair of "light grey" slacks for my upcoming trip, just to brighten up my wardrobe! (LOL).

What I did here was to go off course. My granddaughter might enjoy something other than forest green and raw umber. The 12 inch squares are laying across my spare bed (notice the colors in the spare room) just to get a feel of how big it is now. I haven't worked on layout, just size. It is not a bedspread, just a throw. There will be sashing between each 12 inch square. I have my eye on a batik that is a variegated blue/light purple (lavander?) that the quilt shop design specialist thought would work well. It will.

Each of the 12 inch squares has a piece of the inspiration fabric- where it doesn't belong. It may be a mix of several different fabrics or start with a pattern and then divert, just a little, or my pattern will be spot on and then the odd piece out appears. You can see that the green and orange square should be switched, but they aren't. The stripes I considered a solid, as well the red with the tiny black swirls. I believe each row will have a piece of the inspiration fabric in a whole 12 inch square. If I have enough left over I will make her a pillow case.

Well, the washing machine buzzer just went off so that means it's time to hang laundry on the line. Oh, the load is all blacks- or perhaps a dark blue? Comfort colors!


Lace up and Walk said...

I love it! So bright and cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you- this is Kathy. I am traveling with my work computer and can't log in!

Unknown said...

I adore this quilt! Love the patterns and the layout! Thanks for bringing it to Farmgirl Friday!
I have a new link due to my domain expiring... just click on my name in this comment and it should direct you to the new web address!
Hope to see you again...

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Deborah Jean- I was worried you stopped blogging! Thanks for providing your new domain. I'm back home with my own computer now (my work laptop crashed during my trip)so I'll be able to read and post.