Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Tads Growing Up

Some of you may remember that I spent a couple of days saving tadpoles from a temporary pond created in our culvert during a few really extended rains. There were hundreds of the little guys and eggs galore. Of course I waded in with two cups in hand- the capture cup and the keeper cup. You have to "strain" out the water and transfer the tadpole to the next cup- the keeper cup.

It has paid off. Some have matured in our little garden wall pond and some in our courtyard fountain, which has delighted the children to no end. Of course I can't say the tadpoles feel the same way.

On cool nights we are inundated with frogs: toads, leopard frogs, tree frogs, etc. all singing their froggy songs, which to me is a pleasing chorus. Most everyone else can't stand it, in fact it tends to set off my husband's migraines. I have to admit, it's loud. Really loud. You can't hear the music from our outdoor speakers that are set at a pretty good volume. (We're wooded and rural)

I keep telling them, "Embrace the frog experience!" They look at me as if I were crazy.

I guess I just like frogs.


Trudy Graves said...

Love it! I know what ya mean about the frogs being loud but at least it beats the cicadas!

Manny said...

"Embrace the frog experience!" LOL. That's a good blog!