Monday, December 30, 2013

A Good Shopping Experience

I don't like to shop.
I used to, but I haven't cared for it for years now,
except in the case of quilt stores,
I'll go there in a heartbeat!
But normal shopping, no thanks.
So, when I HAVE to shop, I choose places 
where I can park my car right outside their doors
and walk in.  No parking garages, no giant lots.
No going to malls by myself, especially after 
work when it gets dark early.

Today I had to shop.
I've gone years without buying anything for winter
and my work clothes are starting to show it. 
I headed off to Washington, MO where there
is a nice strip mall with Kohl's, JoAnne's, etc.
Being early and on Monday, it was almost deserted.

I had not been to Marshall's in decades but since it was there,
I decided to see what they had. I had been looking for a 
coffee cup, something pretty, but won't pay $10, or even $ 6.
I found this pretty duo there for $1.50 !
They also had plates and bowls but I don't need those.
I looked the cups up and found regular price was around $12
and even more on some e-bay posts.
I think they are really cute, and the right price!

I did find some nice bargains at Kohl's.
I got three casual cardigan type jackets for 
for 50% off. They will last years and 
with blue, black and grey, there is a lot I can pair with them.
I have really nice short sleeved shirts from Macy's 
that are great and require no ironing.
If I pair them with a jacket or cardigan they work
well all winter long too.

Also, Dress Barn had sales from 30%-70% so I found 
three tops on the clearance rack.
I love their sales force. I was greeted, 
they asked my name, they assigned a dressing room for me
so I could keep my purchases there, they asked if I needed
any assistance and when I made a decision they took the 
garments to the checkout for me.
They THANKED me for shopping with them!

The JoAnne's had a red polka-dot fabric for $ 2.79/yard,
just perfect for the backing of my red and white quilt.
I can't beat the price either.
I have my backing and binding plus the batting
so I'm set to quilt another.

That concluded my shopping for the day.
No jangled nerves, no crowds and some good deals.
I still have a couple more things to get but
I'll take it slow and watch the sales.

What stores do you all like for good bargains?
Do you shop at malls?


Michelle said...

I don't care for malls. But Iam guilty of not looking for sales. If their there I take advantage of them . I really need to start shopping around them.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh that is so wonderful that you have a JoAnn's you can shop.
I think the quilt will be nice.
I was wondering. I talked to my Aunt on Saturday she came out to the country for a visit and brought a little quilt she is working on for her granddaughter-- she is using the fleece fabric rather than quilt batting for the middle of her quilt. She said she is experimenting with it. She sews much more than I ever have-- so I was surprised at her admission that she didn't know how it would turn out.
Do you think it will be ok to use? Since you quilt ...I thought I'd ask you. LOL... Do you think it will hold up?
I half tempted to try it myself.
I like your cups... is it you, that really likes the 'Turkey' motif? I read someones blog that likes turkeys... since you bought the cups, I'm thinking yes!
anyway-- good for you getting some new clothes.
I am the worse about going clothes shopping for myself. I will wear the same old things for YEARS!

Take care, Happy New Year. :)

Melanie said...

There was a time that shopping was a favorite thing to do. Crowds, malls and packed parking lots do not appeal to me now either. Glad that you found great prices on things you wanted to buy! The coffee mugs are pretty. I really like that pattern. The good deal makes them prettier!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I may go shopping today as I never really went for Christmas, I gave my girls money which seemed to prevent costly mistakes from being made. Anyway I don't do parking garages so that means I will stay out of the city. I mastered parallel parking so I like the old stores, I think those spaces keep a lot of people away, all the better for me. I have a coupon for art supplies so I may try and stock up for next year.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Pat- I have heard of people using fleece for the batting, other things too. I looked it up and found it is a good alternative

Our Joanne's is new(our store ---well, it's 20 miles away but that's how far shopping is here). I still like the little quilt shops but my closest one moved about an hour away, there are a couple more which I go to that are smaller but it depends on what fabric I am looking for.

Harry Flashman said...

My wife loves Marshal's. When we go to TN I drop her of there and then I go hang out at the book store for a couple of hours.

You take the most beautiful pictures. Either you have a good camera, or good skills, or both.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

It's an old Sony Cybershot 5.1 mega pixel camera that my husband used for work years and years ago. I would like to get a new one but just can't justify the cost for the DSLR I would like to have. I wanted a 35 mm ever since high school- it's the one gift I always asked for but never got. My husband wanted to get me one for Christmas but it's just too expensive for me to get for only blogging. I really, really need new mini blinds instead. But thank you for the compliment.