Saturday, December 21, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

We're counting down the days to Christmas.
We decorated the tree last night. I put on the upper 
ornaments and Taylor took care of the lower branches.
Bird is no longer with us so I found a little white
bird at the dollar store and placed her on the tree.
(I made some slight modifications so she would look right)

I tie the tree to the spindles of the stairs
just in case, I've had a tree fall before
and don't want to repeat that!

Taylor has been working on her Advent calendar.

We have the traditional Christmas Candy.
Bob's peppermint sticks are the best
although you can't hang them on the tree. 

 Between work and some projects I didn't have time
to bake so I picked up some pretty cookies at Aldi. 

Taylor won't mind, I'm sure.
We heard the pitter patter of little feet
coming down the steps and then Taylor
walked into the kitchen to see what's for
breakfast.  Pop's was cooking up
some  potatoes with onion and celery
plus a cheese topping.

The amaryllis is poking up so I hope it blooms.

This is a table runner that my co-worker made 
us this year.  It uses only 2 pieces of fabric made into 
a tube, sew and iron to allow the back fabric 
to become a border, flip over the edges and 
attach buttons to the ends.  There's no batting
so it's fast and easy.
Here is a link to the pattern.

 I folded it over so you can see the front is striped and the
back is a coordinated piece.

I still have to finish a major project and pick up a couple of 
minor things but after that I think we are ready!
It looks like we will miss the bad weather, we'll
get rain but probably miss the ice and sleet.

 I hope your plans are also going well!



Kathy, You touched my heart with Bird the ornament. Bird will be with you in that ornament for years to come. You have some of the same traditions that I have and grew up with. The Bobs candy canes, the chocolate covered cherries. Beautiful traditions. Merry Christmas to you and the family. I love you girl!

Lady Locust said...

Those peppermint sticks are the best! I think I ate 5 yesterday:)
Merry Christmas

Two Greyhound Town said...

It looks like you are ready! I am going to do some baking tomorrow. I only have one rack in my oven, so I won't be baking a lot.

Gorges Smythe said...

It all looks very pretty.

LindaG said...

Maybe you'll have no snow after the rain...

That's a good idea with the tree. Give them some support.

Lovely pictures all. Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

Harry Flashman said...

Sure does look Christmasy at your house. I thought about putting up just a little tree, but the ferrets would certainly climb in it. They like to climb and they adore anything shiny.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Harry, you need to put up a ferret tree and tie it up good so they can climb it! There must be some plastic shiny ornaments they could bat around the house. A photo of them in the tree would be adorable!