Thursday, December 5, 2013

Turkey and Savory Dumplings

Now, what to do with the pounds of turkey 
leftovers from Thanksgiving?  
We normally have 
some Turkey and Dumplings but this year
my husband decided to mix in his stuffing spices
into the dumplings which gave it a wonderfully
dressing-like dumpling, savory and spicy!
This is a keeper!

Basic Stew
  Turkey leftovers
Turkey Stock- deep enough to cover meat and veges
plus leave room for the dumplings to steam.

 Chopped Vegetables to Taste (we go heavy)

Dumplings (biscuit/flour dumplings)
2 C sifted Flour 
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
Nutmeg to taste
1/2 to 3/4 C Milk approx
2 Tbl butter
Spices to Taste

Combine meat and vegetables and allow it to simmer,
 we simmer for about 3 hours.
Make sure to put enought meat and vegetables into your
pot so your dumplings are supported.  You don't want them
to sink because they won't cook properly.
Make dumplings in a large bowl.  Use your judgement on the milk 
amounts, if it looks too dry, add more.
Place dumplings on top of meat mixture, cover and 
steam for 15 minutes prior to serving.



I wish I had a bowl and a spoon right about now! Looks and sounds good.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

This looks delicious! We didn't have very many leftovers...we had such a huge gathering everyone took a little home.
guess what? I didn't get to go back and buy my other turkeys at low prices know .49 cents with $20 purchase all other re-weighed for regular price. :/ I never went back...
aw well, maybe next time.
I'm going to pin this recipe so I'll have for later...the turkey and dumplins' sound wonderful!

Faith said...

Our fixin's are long long by now, although I did cook the bird and made some nice broth to be used at a later time. We're expecting some change of attitude in our weather here in Ohio, cooler more seasonable weather..a pie in the works, and some moving of my hook today. Your turkey and dumplings look real good, cozy n' up comfort food..perfect !

Harry Flashman said...

That looks very savory! Just the right meal for cold and windy weather. It must be nice to have both of you be able to cook.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Harry, I don't cook as well as Tom, I always mis-measure. I struggle with meal planning schedules but if you want to eat in courses, I am a pro! I do better at baking. Tom's one of those guys who can cook w/o a recipe and it's like pulling teeth to get a measurement out of him. You know, a bit of this, a little of that, just until it looks right. . . LOL