Friday, December 13, 2013

Pretty and Bright to a Snowy Night

 It sure started out to be a pretty morning,
the colors were amazing and I was lucky 
to catch the shot when I did. In a matter of minutes
the colors fade away as the sun makes it over the hills.

Regardless, it would be short lived.
Yet another winter storm advisory 
Rain to Sleet to Snow by nightfall,
expected accumulation 3-5 inches by morning.
 So much for finishing up my shopping.
I worked from home in the morning and
 took 1/2 day vacation in the afternoon for just that.

So, what did I do instead?

I changed out the dining table
from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
My thrift store Funky Santa made his 2013 debut
along with new friends
Mr. Snowman Tea pot and cup
and Ms Penguin coffee mug.
They make a nice trio on my 
S'Noel table runner.

After baking some brownies I grabbed
my apple peeler/corer and two bags of apples.

I had an entire bowl of peels and cores left for
the critters this evening. They'll make a nice
treat when everything is covered in snow.

I gave the slices a lemon juice/water bath and
laid them out on the dehydrator sheets. 

 Then shaking my head, I realized that when
this is all said and done I would have prepped  apples
for about an hour, with several more hours in dehydrator time, 
only to have my husband gobble them down in no time flat!

  A friend stopped by a bit ago and reported
that the roads are starting to get pretty 
slushy.  Until it stops raining there's no use in 
putting down the salt and having it run off the hillside.
  I guess nature made sure I had plenty of quilting time
tomorrow- I need it!  Deadlines approach.

Stay safe,
Stay warm! 


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Just some clouds and cold over this way, I don't think they know what to predict yet. I have extra firewood in just in case.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm glad you are at home and not out trying to get home from work. A half day's vacation well spent.

Cold here tonight with rain coming in, but no sleet , hopefully.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We had a warm morning compared to what we've been having. I got up to let Buster outside and well, it was 42°. I was surprised!
As the sun was coming up here...I thought wow, we're gonna have a nice day. Wrong. About 10 minutes later, the sky grew dark and the bottom fell out. It has rained all day. But the temps have remained is supposed to get cold over the weekend and then warm up to the 60's by mid-week. Like you, I've got plenty inside to keep me busy. Some sewing projects to get done-- and tidying up. I might even get crazy and decorate for Christmas!
Who Knows?!
I like your cute and festive. - Pat

LindaG said...

Hope you all are safe and warm, too.
We're expecting rain. It's mid 50s right now.

Good luck with your quilting and have a wonderful weekend. ♥

Manny said...

That's a pretty picture of the dawn, and that's a pretty fancy apple peeler. Looks like a mini

They're calling for 3-7 inches over here. :(

Lady Locust said...

I am a bit jealous of your morning sunshine - haven't seen it for a while. Lots of slush here too & more storm warnings etc. It sure makes the hot chocky taste good though. If only we could all just stay home when the weather wants us to:)
Keep warm and safe.

Powell River Books said...

Those are amazing colours in the first photo. I would like to try drying some foods, but we are so limited on electricity, especially now. - Margy

Powell River Books said...

Those are amazing colours in the first photo. - Margy

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I am so lucky that my boss will allow us to work from home when it's bad weather. Most of us have laptops and can just log in but you have to use your own phone, printer, scanners, etc. If I can figure out our new Linc system (it's sort of an IM system) I can call through my computer to other co-workers. Most of our communication is IM or email, very few calls except conference calls. Other departments are not so lucky, but work from home should be offered across the board. You have to be able to trust your employees, if you can't then they shouldn't be employees or if it's just old school mgmt trust unsubstantiated trust issues, the managers need to work on that. Keeps employees productive and safe!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Manny, I think that is a Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer. We haven't done so, but you can mount it to a block or just attach to a cutting board like I currently do.

The great thing about this is that it works on Potatoes!! You end up with either rings (don't cut) or curley q shapes that you can season and fry up. For the peels, you can season and fry them too for a crunch treat.

I gave some of the apple peels to the raccoon and opossum because they would enjoy them. I saved more for today after the snow hit and they would have problems finding food.