Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Visit with Santa(s)

We made our annual visit to Santa today.
He always stops at Bourbeuse Valley Harley Davidson
about this time of year, checking up on all the good
little girls and boys, and probably taking a 
spin or two while the reindeer wait out back.

We met our daughter, Becky, a little after 10 AM
for the ritual handing off of the granddaughter, Taylor.
Surprisingly we were the 2nd in line!
Normally we arrive much later and the place is packed
with children and lots of Santa's elves. 

Taylor is registered for a chance to win this bear,
her grandpa, Pops, wants the bike
which happens to be around $40k so
I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were Pops.

There's always the orange Harley tree
with all sorts of ornaments.

Toys and games are scattered around for 
the kids to play with while they wait.
We'll pick up our photos in a week or so
but I also snapped some of my own.

As it happened, we ran into one of Santa's helpers
when we stopped in at the local Ace Hardware
so Taylor was able to have a second visit 
in just a few minutes!
We had promised her a pair of really warm
gloves, waterproof and warm, which we found here.

This is a great Ace Hardware.
All Hardware is on the basement floor,
ground level from the rear of the building.
The home goods, toys, gifts and fabric shop is
on the first floor, ground level from the front
of the building.

Does it get any better?
Two visits to Santa,
and a stop at the quilt shop!


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Santa is a busy fellow, I have somehow missed seeing him this year. Maybe I will run across him somewhere, I already have enough coal and sticks so it isn't all that urgent that I meet up with him I guess.

Harry Flashman said...

I don't think there is anywhere in our county where kids can go to get their pictures taken with Santa anymore.

Manny said...

Super cute, especially that last picture. I hope Taylor wins that bear. :)

Michelle said...

What a lucky girl to get two visits with Santa.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Harry, so sad! If I lived in town there's the malls or Walgreens. Out here the local town has Christmas on the Plaza with a parade and Santa plus various stores like where we went. You'd think some business would have Santa come in.

Sunnybrook- Ha Ha. We tell the kids the coal trains going North was for Santa.

Manny and Michelle- she had a good time.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

You know, all us REALLY cool guys ride Cushman Scooters. So now you know.

I remember that I traded my 1958 Eagle to my cousin for a 1960 Rambler American. I just get cooler and cooler.