Friday, January 3, 2014

Highway Shut Down

After a long, semi-sleepless night,
after the stress and panic,
I ended up working from home on my first
day back from vacation!
This photo from KMOV news.

We had very little snow afterall; however,
it was slick and caused traffic problems all over.
We live in a subdivision made up of several wooded lots.
The road maintenance is up to us, four wheelers and tractors.
Our place is on the top of the ridge.

While there was only an inch or two of snow by us,
more depending on what area you were in, 
 it didn't stop until 6 AM so road crews in town 
were still working.  After giving it a lot of thought,
and knowing it was my first day back at work since Dec 19 ,
I made the decision to drive in, taking the Jeep instead 
of my car.  I went down our hill in 4-low, inching without
braking which seemed to take hours but more like five minutes.

The small county road we live off was nearly pristine.
The blanket of snow was interrupted by only one set of 
tire tracks and several areas of animal tracks.
I made it to the next county road which was in a similar condition.
By the time I reached the larger road I heard that the
highway had been shut down.  
I was still 20 miles from the highway and with these road conditions
I didn't have any alternatives, being our back roads are
hilly, curvy and mostly without shoulders should you start to slide.

As it turned out, a tractor trailer jackknifed and the highway 
was expected to be closed for a couple of hours still. 
This area is still 30 minutes or so away from my office
in good weather, much longer in bad.
The backup was five miles long!

I turned around and made my way back home, 
logged into work and sent e-mails saying I was working from home.
Thankfully, I changed departments and this is an option.
 Today there are concerns of refreezing but so far 
I have not heard of any problems reported on the news
so off I will go.  We're getting up to six inches again
Saturday night into Sunday.  We'll have Taylor with us
   and I'm sure she will want to sled. 

I'll start panicking again Sunday night.
I hate snow.
I hate driving in snow, especially an hour to work!
To all of you receiving even worse weather, be safe!
Keep blankets, extra clothing, something to eat and drink
in your car.  I also have a sleeping bag in the Jeep,
you never know how long you will be stuck.

Happy New Year.


Gorges Smythe said...

Glad you have that option. Best to stay safe!

Lisa said...

Be safe and warm friend! This storm is a killer!


Lady Locust said...

Sometimes I think we are silly for trying to go to work when travel is unsafe. I am just as guilty as the next person, but it goes against every bit of practicle reasoning I have. Natural inclination is to stay put & stay safe. I am glad you could work from home and didn't get stuck in that picture. Those poor folks.

Manny said...

I never heard how much snow we got but it looks about seven or eight inches. But it's bitterly cold. Supposed to go down to 1 degree F tonight. Keep safe. I save days to take off for bad weather days.

Harry Flashman said...

You were wise to go home. The worst vehicle accident I ever had happened because I tried to drive over a mountain to get to work in snow. I didn't make it.
It's about 3:00 a.m. here and 17 degrees. We had lots of snow last night, but now it is clear and very cold. I am not venturing forth.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Harry, that's scary!

Manny- depending on where you were, there was up to about 6 but we only had a couple, but a bad couple. Tonight we're getting up to a foot of snow and negative 30 wind chills. Snow won't stop until Sunday night so Monday is not looking good for travel. I used to have to take my vacation days for weather until I got work from home status. That's saved maybe 5 days/year since we're out where they don't maintain streets well.