Thursday, January 9, 2014

Enough Already, Old Man Winter!

Enough already, Old Man Winter!
I can't believe I'm saying this; however,
I want to get back to the office!

Just when I thought we were back on track, more snow today. 
Hardly any but on top of our 10 inches plus almost record breaking lows
 (down to negative 20 degrees F),
just when the major roads cleared,
this dusting is turning slick immediately
and freezing rain on the way this afternoon!

Our offices actually closed on Monday,
almost unheard of, but  those of us with laptops
 continue to work from home- part of our-business continuity plan.
I was ready to go in on Tuesday but with negative temperatures 
my Jeep, which is 15 yrs old and has 250k miles, wouldn't warm up.
Since I'm an hour (on a good day) from work, I would either frost up
or the car may stall in the middle of nowhere.
I was going to work from home, but that didn't pan out.
There was a power outage.

 We lost power for only a bit but our
internet provider (and several towns) lost power for a day.
They had to declare an emergency to bring in heavy 
equipment to clear enough snow to make repairs.

It's amazing how dependent we are on the internet.
I couldn't log on and change my out of office status from home 
since we had no internet.  I could only change my voice mail. 
I did call the people I normally work with but others did not 
receive a reply to their emails to me. 
Had anyone called, they would have heard my voice message.

I made it into the office yesterday and it was SO NICE
to have my desk, my large monitor, my copier and scanner.
Boy, what a day catching up too.
Now, I'm back working from home today.
If we get any ice on our still snow packed back roads,
they will turn into a skating rink.
They are reporting accidents all over the area,
especially calling out the one where I would have to drive.

In the meantime, we're making sure everyone has full bellies.
The pileated woodpeckers (male and female) 
are enjoying the suet, birds are eating both seed and
left over cat food on the porch.  Tom is throwing out food
for Jake, the wild turkey, and scraps are tossed over the 
deck for the opossum and raccoon.

There was a coyote running across the deer trail out back,
stopping to take a smell at our place! Then it continued on

We're supposed to get real rain tomorrow with higher temperatures
so hopefully it will wash away some of these snow piles.
Our school districts have been closed
(which means parents are home too!)
water main breaks everywhere,  pipes in homes are bursting,
 and power outages. 

I can't wait for Spring!!


Susie said...

Hi Kathy, it sounds really bad in lots of the US and hope you are all keeping safe and warm. Over here the south of the country has been badly flooded and I feel so sorry for those affected. Keep safe. Susie x

Melanie said...

Oh yes, enough already!!! We haven't had power outages or ice, but the bitter, bitter cold has been overwhelming! Have been breaking up the outside water so that the animals could have a drink of water. They get exicted when they see me coming with a big stickj becuase they know I am about to break up their water, which was freezing back almost as soon as it was broken up! I agreee, I am with you, come on spring!!!

Lady Locust said...

Keep warm and safe! But glad you got to go in yesterday & do some catching up. Maybe put geraniums in bloom as your screen saver or a palm tree - something:)


I'm sorry you're going through all of that too! Praying for some needed relief for you all soon.
It is amazing how dependent we all are on the internet. I have often thought what would happen if it all shut down...I personally keep hard copies of everything but if all else around is down what good would that do..laughing at myself. Take care Kathy.

Harry Flashman said...

The last few days here have been difficult as well. Thankfully it is raining and warmer tonight.

LindaG said...

Be careful and stay warm!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Kathy- it all sounds terrible.
We've only had cold temps...and a few frozen pipes. Luckily, no breaks and all is well. We are warming up already...the littles got to play outside 50° they were happy to stretch and run!
Silly kids...they think 50 is warm.
take care and be careful going out.
Hope it warms up where you are soon !