Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ash Can Potatoes

Ash can potatoes.
We've been staying warm by the fire,
trying to keep down the heating bills by using our wood burner.
 Every so often my husband empties out the ashes 
into a trash container used specifically for this purpose.
We then set the container on the concrete courtyard 
until we need to empty out the ashes again.

You'll see there are still some very hot coals in here too.
It was nearing lunch time so I thought why not take advantage
of these coals to cook our potatoes 
rather than preheating the oven for 10 minutes or so
plus bake time for the taters.

I washed the potatoes and double wrapped them in foil.

Set them in the can and covered them with some of the coals.
Then I  put the lid on the container and pulled up the handle.
 I turned them after a half hour, making sure to stir the coals.

When I tested them, they were done.

We ended up with plenty of potatoes for lunch,
tender and hot enough to melt some delicious butter.  
I avoided using the oven and it was little to no work at all.
Good eats!


Lisa said...

What a great idea! I need to buy a metal trash can to put my fireplace ashes in. This is so neat!

Mrs. Mac said...

I love to use the heat from our wood stove too. Have been baking bread inside of a Dutch oven .. placed inside of the wood stove. Comes out like artisan bread. Look at those steamy lush potatoes! Yummy

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I have lived in this house 18 winters...I've cooked on top of my wood stove..and wanted to cook on the inside, but never put much effort into figuring out.
This idea...has been the greatest one so far!
Now...I'm wondering if you could make (no P.C. sorry...) HOBO DINNERS? You know, like a pork chop and potatoes w/onion or bell pepper or carrot and celery on the inside of one of these pouches?
I definitely want to try this.

Gorges Smythe said...

Good job!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think you could cook a lot of things this way, especially if you had more coals than I did. I'd get a really nice metal can, good quality. And- make sure no kids can get to it.

Cooking inside our wood stove? Wow, I wonder if we have enough room in ours, not sure. We have an old cast iron topped real wood kitchen stove but never hooked it up. The top is cracked but it's a beauty and some day I'd love to get it working.

Harry Flashman said...

That's a good use of what you have on hand. We are buttoned up here, with all the vents and flu's shut. If propane starts to run short and we can't resupply with gas, we'll go to the wood burning stoves and the fireplace.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Sounds like a neat way to cook potatoes if the power was off, good thing to know!

LindaG said...

That is a great idea. Maybe I can wrap some potatoes in foil and stick them in the bottom of the fireplace next time we have a fire. :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday! ♥

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We're all electric here except our cook stove which runs on small tanks of propane. Here they are saying we have supply but price is going up due to demand. Many out here use propane for heat.

Manny said...

They look delicious! Now I want a baked potato

Anonymous said...

I am so trying this! Thanks for the idea!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I just found out that my mom's friend cooks an entire turkey in her ashcan, has for several years now. She is supposed to send directions.

Mamahen said...

Finally got to read this...they sound great, but I don't have a wood burner or fireplace..but when wr first moved here we had no utilities for a few months. I learned to cook many things on/in an open fire, even in the rain..Haven't had to in snow...YET.

Powell River Books said...

Good idea. When we have the woodstove going, I wrap the potatoes and set them on the little shelf inside the glass door. I push the wood and coals towards the back of the fire box to keep the potatoes from getting too hot and burning. I use tongs to turn them several times as they cook. I've even cooked bread this way, but you have to be very careful about getting the fire too hot (or cold). - Margy

Bev said...

you clever girl!