Friday, January 10, 2014

Now the Flooding?

It stopped snowing !!!
We're not out of the woods yet-  
after 12 inches of snow over a couple of days
the temperatures are soaring to almost 50 today
with heavy rains which leads to -- The Melt.
They are already warning of street flooding in town,
especially as the plows have pushed the snow against
storm drains which are now completely blocked.
Let's see what our creeks do.

This is the view over the ridge.
It's pretty when it snows but still, 
sunny and 75 is better!

I wasn't the only one that ventured out.
The street, which is still snow packed, had a lone
set of people tracks.  Must have been a pretty dedicated
walker because they disappeared up the street
way up the street.

These animal tracks are in the yard and based on the 
claw marks, I think they are from the cats.
They should be pretty happy if the rains wash away the snow.
I'll be happy to get the deck clear, I've had to put on boots
to get to the feeders and the snow is deeper than my boots!



I hope the flooding will harm anyone. Your pictures are beautiful.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh boy that is a lot of snow, Hang in there and we will hope for a slow melt for sure. Feel free to share anytime at the From the Farm Blog Hop on Fridays.

Harry Flashman said...

I hope your water system holds up if you are on county water. Here in Georgia we have had a lot of water systems fail and the water gets polluted.

LindaG said...

Hopefully no flooding. Be careful and stay warm!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We are on well water, which is great until we have a power outage!

The road glazed up and I slid down it somewhat sideways this morning! My return commute was in the rain so no problems getting up the hill on the way home.

Manny said...

You guys are getting killed with weather. I hope it gets better from here on out.

Powell River Books said...

Not sure which is worse, snow coming down or melting down. - Margy

Melanie said...

This makes me glad that we don't get much snow here! Hope that it is soon gone.

Mrs. Mac said...

Early winter melts are not good. Hopefully you'll be ok .. looks like you sit up a little on the property.

We've had relatively little snow this year, which is unusual.

Stay safe.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

oh man!
That is a lot of snow-- equals a lot of flood waters.
do you have those signs up there?
T urn
A round
D on't
D rown
...I just saw my first one, last year when my daughter moved away from us about 20 mins the other side of town from us. They moved to a low lying area.
Be careful around running water.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

No, I've never see TADD signs. Some of our roads, which are very rural, have gates that are closed when the road floods. Of course those are roads that are prone to flooding, otherwise you just hopefully stop and turn around. The guy at the end of our county road crosses the creek on a very low water bridge. That's how we gauge how bad the flooding is on how long his driveway is under water, how fast the creek is flowing over it and how much debris is stuck on it (like trees).