Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Purina Farms- Haunted Hayloft

It was a very haunted weekend!

We visited Purina Farms on Friday 
and had a Pirate Adventure Saturday.
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 My sister in law prepared an outdoor meal Saturday 
evening and my husband hooked up the trailer for an
 evening hayride up and down our road  Saturday night.
We hooted and howled as we passed the neighbor's bonfire
and on the return trip picked up a couple of hitch hikers
  wanting to tag along.  The poor neighbors at the bottom of
the road kept running up to their windows as we turned around
and headed back up the hill. They must have wondered
what the heck was happening!

We always take our annual trip to 
in Gray Summit, MO for their
VERY kid friendly Haunted Hayloft.

There are mazes, rope swings, a
"haunted house,"  movies,
magic shows, petting zoo,
dog trials and much more.

A highlight for us is the multi story Victorian cat mansion
 with a spiral staircase so you can view the
cats as they play or relax on the cat sized furniture.

This guy has the right idea.
Dogs with no shedding
and what a great diet.
These bones don't make him look fat at all!

What's a festival without festival food?
Taylor enjoys a corn dog on the patio.

My husband said you can save a bundle
at Christmas.  Just buy a sack of corn,
add some tractor equipment and the kids go wild!

We took a break at the movie theater that
spans the walk way between the main building
and the barn.  You can watch as you walk
or sit awhile and rest your feet while you
watch vintage cartoons on this curved screen.

The  patio hosts a center stage for magicians
or dog tricks, a relaxing snack or gathering
place to meet up with your friends.

It was a great evening with perfect weather!
 If you get a chance to visit Purina, you won't regret it.


Michelle said...

The farm looks like a great place to visit. My family would have a hard time dragging me away from the cat mansion. I love vintage cartoons also so count that as another drag Mom away place.

Harry Flashman said...

that's pretty nice. We don't have anything like that here, as far as I know. There is a place in Helen, Ga that used to have goats on the roof. The put dirt and plants up there on the roof of their store, and there were goat houses and goat bridges. But with the kids gone, we never really went there, just saw it as we drove by on day trips.

Your family is really enjoying Halloween.

Sandra said...

Looks like a great place to visit.
Adorable lamb :)

Sandra said...

oops, looks like maybe it is a goat :)